Bali Food SafariBali’s dining scene has exploded over the last few years, bringing with it exciting and innovative cuisine, trendy and happening spaces, eclectic concepts and more. Although, with this vast repertoire of culinary choices the island holds, it can leave eager diners lost in a sea of choice.

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Bali Food Safari is the solution to those nights of indecision or unknowing. Many talk about ‘culinary journeys’, but we at NOW! Bali can vouch that this is it, in its most literal sense! Bali Food Safari takes you on a mystery tour of some of the island’s top restaurants, which include five-star venues, Michelin star chefs, hidden gems and exclusive new dishes.
In one night you can choose to dine at either 3 or 4 venues, savouring 3 delectable dishes at each. Your first stop is always a sunset destination, to enjoy a cocktail and some baiting appetizers, the perfect way to wind up for an evening of feasting. Depending on what you chose, you could have one or two stops for mains, but your final secret stop is of course saved for the sweet stuff.
Their team looks after every little detail, so from the moment you’re picked up in their private car, all you have to do is eat, drink and guess where the next venue might be! Whether you’re a brand new visitor to Bali or a local resident who “knows it all”, you’re bound to discover something new with Bali Food Safari, staying true to their tagline, “Culinary Discovery”.
Bali Food Safari is perhaps best described as a moving degustation menu. We haven’t revealed anything about the venues, as we believe the element of mystery is what makes this tour so exciting. Rest assured that the BFS team have hand picked each venue to ensure each dish and each course provides an amazingly satisfying dining experience. From beachside hideaways to fine dining establishments, your evening will be varied and invigorating!
The tours operate in Seminyak, Jimbaran and Ubud working with many different venues of different styles. So if you’re confused, indecisive, adventurous or just really hungry, Bali Food Safari will bring you straight to the doors of Bali’s buzzing culinary scene.
For reservations and information, visit: Reservations only available 48 hours before day of tour.

Special Offer for NOW! Readers: Book a 3-venue Mystery Dining Adventure for 4 and Bali Food Safari will upgrade you to the signature 4-venue experience. Enter NOWVIP when making your reservation to redeem this exclusive offer. Valid for bookings made in April, but applicable for tour dates throughout the year.

Text By Edwards Speirs

NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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