Bali Safari Park has welcomed a new member to their animal family. A baby hyena was born at the park last month on October 8, about a year since the clan of striped hyenas arrived to reside on the island.

The occasion marks the fifth hyena to grace the Safari Park, and the first of these African mammals to be born in Indonesia.

Bali Safari Hyena Baby

One of the four hyenas, Manama, gave birth to a female baby hyena weighing 860 grams. After two weeks, she opened her eyes and saw the world for the first time. A week later, her teeth began growing and she learned how to walk.

The arrival of Indonesian celebrity Jessica Iskandar earlier this month assisted in the baby mammal’s name-selecting. The actress and mother of one finally locked in Mooi, which is Dutch for beautiful.

Mooi is currently under the intensive care of Safari doctors, receiving formula milk every four hours due to Manama’s milk being insufficient for her growth. 

Mooi’s birth is the pride and joy of the Park. The hope is that Mooi continues to grow healthily, so she can soon meet park visitors.

Thomas Colbert, the General Manager of Bali Safari Park, described the birth as a “joy that cannot be described with words.”

“This is because we, as a conservation institution, have succeeded in breeding this unique animal for the first time in Bali, or maybe even in Indonesia. Even more, during the COVID-19 pandemic conditions,” he said.

He invites visitors to meet baby Mooi when she is healthy and ready. The Bali Safari team applies strict health protocols in all areas of the park for the safety and comfort of visitors.

Though not the rarest of the three hyena species, biologists estimated that only 5,000 to 14,000 striped individuals exist today in the wild.

The four striped hyenas, known to be the smallest of the species, became new idols of the park, which is the first conservation institution to home the mammals. Visitors can get up-close and personal with them during their safari journey through the park’s African habitat.

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