The Bali Covid-19 Relief Expedition (BaliCore) will embark on a 10-day walking expedition through the heart of Bali from April 2 – 11, 2021 in order to raise funds for rural communities across the island who are impacted by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.


The cessation of international travel since March 2020 has created a devastating effect on the livelihood of the people in Bali. 80% of the population depends, directly or indirectly, on tourism for their existence; when hotels, restaurants, tour companies and retail outlets were forced to close, millions of hard-working Balinese lost their livelihoods. People have been forced to seek out new ways to survive with minimal assistance from the government.

The BaliCore team, comprising a small group of dedicated volunteers and idGuides, the community trail development specialists, hatched this expedition to raise awareness and tell the heart-breaking stories that many have not heard: the conditions under which the most vulnerable and impoverished communities on the island struggle with food and social welfare insecurities. Nearly twelve months into the pandemic, there is growing evidence of hunger and malnutrition. These harsh realities prompted the BaliCore team to take action, and the Bali CORE Expedition was born.

During the 10-day walk, participants will venture off-the-beaten-track by traversing Bali’s backroads and community trails to reach regions of the island relatively untouched by development and mass tourism. Adhering to covid-19 safety protocols from start to finish, the expedition will commence on the south-west coast at Pura Tanah Lot, Tabanan, and finish 10 days hence on the south-coast at Pura Candidasa in Karangasem, East Bali. The expedition seeks to explore on foot a challenging but accomplishable 15-20km per day, so as to responsibly encounter ordinary Balinese along the route. The route is currently being by developed by idGuides, in partnership with local communities, and at present passes through Kerambitan, Penebel, Buahan, Penglipuran, Tegallalang, Undisan, Besakih, Sebudi, Sibeten and Tenganan. The stories of the people encountered en route will be shared through a series of social documentaries called People of Bali on BaliCore’s Instagram and Facebook. 

The BaliCore Expedition aims to raise substantial funds in Bali, within Indonesia and globally. The funds will be utilized to assist in the development of sustainable farming efforts; to bolster the supply of food & essentials to outlying communities until international tourism resumes, and to increase the capacity of critical feeding and medical services for Bali’s stray dogs. A donation of USD $30 (IDR 500,000) can feed a family for 2 weeks or helps deliver food and medicine to dogs around the island.

To assure and to magnify the impact of the contribution, BaliCore has partnered with 5 non-profit yayasans (organisations) in Bali which support diversified causes, namely:

Solemen Indonesia: Give Hope, Create Smiles and Change Lives Forever; aiding the most vulnerable populations in Bali.

Scholars of Sustenance: Feeding the Mind: tackling issues of food security and deficit.

Kopernik: Finding what works to address social and environmental challenges.

Social Impakt:  Clean and affordable drinking water for all.

Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA): Compassion in action and sustainable change for animals. 


A portion of all the funds raised will be divided among a few community groups in Bali that are in need of funds to continue their survival efforts, but lacking the visibility and resources of our Core yayasans.

The routes, schedules, and further updates on the expedition will be shared in a timely manner through BaliCore official social handles. To support the expedition, sponsors and patrons may contact the team at or follow our social media for details on how to contribute. All funds raised will be distributed equitably amongst the partner organisations.

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