It isn’t only Bali’s economy that depends heavily on the tourism industry; the majority of networks and business infrastructures around the island are tied into to tourism as well.

This includes suppliers (food and beverage, homeware, contractors, media, logistics etc) but on the other end of the spectrum many organisations depend on the generosity of the tourist-based companies as well. 

In light of Covid-19 in Bali, tourism has taken a long and tumbling dive into the deep end, most hotels – if not completely closed – are operating at maximum 5% occupancy. 

This has many knock-on negative impacts: layoffs of many daily workers and staff, many suppliers not being paid (and risking their businesses too), but also the network of donations that charitable organisations have grown dependent on have dried up.

With that, the island is calling upon individuals in the community for their kind generosity to help those in need. 

Scholars of Sustenance (SOS) Indonesia have long been helping to provide food security to those in need around Bali; currently they provide for 13 orphanages and 4 other charitable organisations (yayasan) amounting to a total of approximately 1,500 people, majority of which are children. 

Community donation, source: 

With most of their donations previously coming from rescued surplus food from large scale hotels, this is no longer possible as large hotels have cut back. SOS Indonesia’s donations have plummeted to 10% of their required food quota. This is where you – the community – can help.


For individuals looking to help, SOS Indonesia is accepting food donations to help reach their usual quota. Their current necessities include mainly:

• Fruits and vegetables (both fresh and canned)
• Rice
• Eggs
• Dried Goods
• Frozen meats (though they currently have a good stock of this, the above are more urgent)

It is in Scholars of Sustenance’s ethos to not only provide food but to provide nutritious food and a balanced diet to their recipients — especially considering many of them are growing children. 

To donate: Scholars of Sustenance can collect in South Bali, or in Ubud if over 20kg of goods. Drop off possible to their office in Kuta area (details below);


There are several ways in which Bali businesses can help.

(1) Community Fridges

SOS are looking for businesses to open their space for a ‘community fridge’, these are fridges (either provided by SOS, if possible, or if the business has a spare fridge) to become ‘drop off points’ for food supplies.

The idea is for the public to be able to place food supplies inside these fridges on a day-to-day basis and SOS will come and collect these stores. Supermarkets would be particularly useful in this regard, as people buying their own groceries can buy a slightly more to be placed in the fridge. Well-situated restaurants would also be great.

(2) Certified Kitchens

For restaurants and hotels with certified kitchens and fixed hygiene practices, you can help by making your kitchen and kitchen teams available to cook big batch meals with the food provided to SOS. This will help SOS provide ready-made meals to their recipients.

(3) Supplies and Suppliers

Again, going back to SOS’ original model, they are very open to farms, food suppliers, supermarkets and also hospitality industry to donate food stuffs. These can be excess supplies that businesses are unable to sell off, or close to expiry foods that can be utilised instantly (contingent on health and hygiene check done by SOS). 

Whilst for everyone – businesses and individuals alike – finances are a struggle at this time, every little helps for those who are no doubt in more vulnerable positions. So if you or your business are able to do a little, that would be much appreciated. 

Yes, there are many communities in need right now – which we endeavour to feature as well – but having worked closely with SOS we know that their network of recipients are truly in need and their good ethics provide a sense of comfort when donating. 

We hope you can help.

Scholars Of Sustenance
Jalan Pararaton No.9E Dewi Sri, Kuta
+6282145611119 || +62812392365664
‘Bali Strong’ Facebook Group: 

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