Each year on April 21, the Indonesian people commemorate the birth date of Raden Adjeng Kartini – an early pioneer in the battle for the emancipation of Indonesian women. Today, in a free and independent Indonesia, modern day Kartinis continue the epic struggle started by Kartini by striving to become productive and meaningful participants in the development of the Nation.

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In keeping with the spirit of this struggle, our friends at the Bali Safari and Marine Park present several profiles of only a few of the dedicated, successful women professionals who courageously and whole-heartedly work in its “jungle” of wild animal species.

Dr novy with rhino

Dr. Yohana Kusumaningtyas Wuri Handayani (Doctor Jo), the park’s vet supervisor, has been involved in a number of extraordinary and unique animal treatments unavailable in any other professional setting. This has included assisting in the birthing process of an African White Rhinoceros and a Giraffe, using ultrasonography (USG) in the diagnostic process.

Dr Jo

Desak Ketut Darmasih, a passionate Balinese animal keeper, has been with Bali Safari since the park first opened its doors eight years ago – today she still feels she has the best job in the world! Before beginning her career, she never imagined that she would one day be working with wild animals, many of which she had never heard of or encountered before taking up the professional responsibilities of an animal keeper.

Kadek with bird

Dr. Ni Made Yunik Novita Dewi, supervisor vet nurse at the park, has created a rich history of experiences that have only enhanced her deep love for wild animals. In addition, working with wild animals has also taught her the importance of vigilance and caution in undertaking her duties. Dr. Novita still recalls the time when she was asked to treat a wounded crocodile.

Tiara 2

The giant reptile resisted treatment and launched an aggressive attack, causing the working mother from Klungkung to rapidly scale a 2-meter high fence unaided. Ni Putu Tiara Defi, Bali Safari’s education staff member, wasn’t really an animal lover that she was frightened greatly by so much as a household cat. Today, she is the master of ceremonies sharing the stage with a wide range of animals at the park’s animal educational show and Harimau – From Predator to Prey show.

Dewi Danu Bali Agung

Last but not least is Made Ayu Desiari, S. Sn., who won the leading role on the stage of the enormous Bali Theatre, would be a source of special pride for any performer, as it is “Dek Ayu” who plays the pivotal role of Dewi Danu in the current Bali Agung Show. In a role indispensable to the dramatic romance shared with thousands of theatre-goers each month, Dek Ayu has played this part since the show’s premiere five years ago. The consummate performance she presents to her audience each day is the result of a perfect marriage between natural talent and hard work.

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