When the island falls silent during this upcoming Nyepi, it is the perfect time to hit pause and embrace the sacred day with self-discovery, reflection and meditation. To cater to this, The Apurva Kempinski Bali has put together the perfect activity for guests staying at the resort during Nyepi with a 3-day ‘Awakening the Chakra Spirit’ programme.

Kempinski Bali - Awakening the Chakra Spirit

The 3-day ‘Awakening the Chakra Spirit’ programme at the luxurious Nusa Dua resort presents a chance for you to rediscover your inner self during the auspicious occasion and take a moment to reconnect with yourself on a spiritual level.

The chakra, a word derived from Sanskrit meaning “wheel”, is a whirlwind of energy, with centres scattered across the body in which energy flows through. The human body holds seven major chakra points that are connected to specific parts of a person’s being, in which when a blockage occurs, a person’s energy system is impaired. The 3-day ‘Awakening the Chakra Spirit’ programme is aimed to activate and align your chakra.

On 24 March 2020, the programme commences with Melukat – a purification ritual led by a Balinese Priest which utilises water as the main medium to cleanse the physical, emotional and spiritual condition of a person. The ritual concludes with a fresh coconut served to replenish the body and flush out all internal toxins.

On 25 March 2020, Nyepi Day, the second day begins with the 7 Chakra Balancing Yoga and Meditation, which integrates particular yoga poses that support chakra alignment and breath control by way of meditation. Following the yoga and meditation session, a 2-course ‘Healthy Chakra Cuisine’menu is served, based on each chakra.

On 26 March 2020, the final day consists of sunrise yoga and meditation, followed by an indigenous breakfast featuring Nasi Yasa and Balinese coffee.

Kempinski Bali 2 - Awakening the Chakra Spirit

The 3-day ‘Awakening the Chakra Spirit’ programme is priced at IDR 1,500,000++/person. Don’t miss out on the chance to go on this spiritual journey and make your reservations now. This programme is available to guests staying at The Apurva Kempinski Bali during Nyepi period (24-26 March 2020).

For more information or reservations, please call +62 361 209 2288 (ext. 8552) or email spareservation.bali@kempinski.com

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