Diksa or divya jnyana is a ceremony, aimed at enabling one to receive divine revelation from the gods in order to diminish dark mind and achieve perfectness — this is one of the Sapta Angga character purification goals. In Bali, the initiation ceremony is done with a rebirthing ritual called ‘seda raga’, to search the way to nirvana/swah loka so when someone becomes a priest (sulinggih), he is expected to be able to guide the souls that have been purified during the Pitra Yadnya ceremony.

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The word ‘Diksa’ is quoted from an article in Bali Post “ The Meaning of Atma Wedana Ceremony”. It is said that diksa come form two words, ‘di’ and ‘ksa’. ‘Di’ means divya jnyana or science, and ‘ksa’ means ‘to diminish’. So, ‘diksa’ means holy knowledge to diminish darkness.

The ceremony is supposed to be officiated by a pedanda nabe (senior priest).

Text by Ida Bagus Putra Adnyana

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