Throughout January, the Sudakara Art Space at Sudamala Suites and Villas is exhibiting ‘Eternal Line’. A unique display of Balinese art that brings together two special Balinese artists who both take inspiration from the birth of Balinese painting, set about by the ancient traditions of ‘Wayang’ shadow puppetry. 

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The artists featured are Mangku Muriati, a painter and priest like her father, Mangku Mura – one of the greatest exponents of Wayang painting — paints in what is often called ‘Kamasan’ style; and Teja Astawa, very much a contemporary artist, who evolved his own style based on his long-held fascination with Wayang. The exhibition showcases a rare mixture of past and present, truly showing the development of Balinese art today but still with strong roots in tradition. The exhibition will be open until February 3rd 2016.

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Sudakara Art Space at Sudamala Suites and Villas
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