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The Balinese jazz group known as the GustuBrahmanta Trio is scheduled to perform this February 28 at Jazz Cafe Ubud. Gustu, known for his gigs with the celebrated Balawan&Batuan Ethnic Fusion and AyuLaksmi&SvaraSemesta, recruited Ida BagusIndra Gupta (contrabass) and I WayanSuastika (first album)- and now I Made Subandi (rindik, gamelan, reong). They have all contributed their creativity to a unique sound that fuses mystical pentatonic ‘pelog’ scales with jazz.

Gustu modified his drum set with kelenang-kelenong,tawa-tawa, kendang and ponggang to add a Balinese touch to his instrument. Where the original Balinese gamelan usually has 20 players, The GustuBrahmanta Trio brings an ethnic Balinese feel to modern jazz grooves with just three people. A unique and talented group that is bound to excite the audience in Jazz Café Ubud.


NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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