For years the magic of the gong has been in our lives, starting with the huge gong they play at the beginning of very old Hollywood movies, the gongs in every Balinese gamelan troupe and the welcome gong they beat to welcome guests in some hotels. Buddhist rituals and ceremonies will use gongs and now the yoga crowd uses gongs for meditation and yoga. Sound therapy has come of age.


What is it about the magic of the gong? Its deep resonating sounds can be felt by the entire body and it is one of the oldest instruments of healing. The power of the gong and sound therapy has even found its way to help cancer treatments and palliative care.

Gongs covers a spectrum of sound, vibrating every bone, every organ and even every cell in the body. The sounds can clear blocks and awaken your chakras and resonate with your meridians. People who have blockages can experience major release within their bodies and their emotions. All you need to do is to lie down and let the healing sounds wash over you.


I decided to try a gong bath at the newly opened Pyramids of Chi – a purpose built pyramid complex just north of Ubud. Surround by lush rice fields and standing on a major energy point, the Pyramids are the brainchild of Australian Peter Macintosh and his wife Lynn. The idea or message to build two pyramids came to him in a meditation. After accepting the idea, this retired couple put their energy into making it happen. Money came almost magically and after four years, the two pyramids, both exactly scaled down versions of the famous Egyptian Giza Pyramid are up and resonating with energy.


Peter’s introductory talk is filled with fascinating information about pyramids and their power. He tells us that there are pyramids in every continent and even one submerged in the Antarctic. Machu Piccu, Easter Island, Egypt, of course and even in Java. All pyramids are exactly aligned with the cardinal points of the compass to maximise their power.

So when one experiences the gong therapy within the pyramid, its work is intensified. So what does one feel? First and foremost a clearing of the mind, destress, and a sense of deep relaxation. As I mentioned, those with blockages of the chakras, or emotions may find release and interestingly, even several sceptics who have tried a session, have come out more enthusiastic than the believers!

The complex comes with a well equipped restaurant that looks over the pyramids. The food is very good and well priced, so it is worth it to make your way out for a day or at least few hours. One woman came with her daughter and was so impressed, she went back to her hotel and brought the rest of her family out for lunch and signed them up for the afternoon session. It is that kind of place.


Sessions are held twice a day at 11am and 3pm and extra special sessions are held on full moon and new moon.

A session is very well priced at IDR250,000 per session and I would recommend it to everyone. At the very least, you can expect to emerge with a sense of deep relaxation and expect to sleep beautifully for at least a few nights after the treatment.

Pyramids of Chi 22
A : JL Kelebang, Bentuyung, Ubud
T : + (62) 361 9000 717
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