“1 are” is a common term used amongst the balinese to say 100 square meters. 1 are is a unit applicable in Bali as a metric scale used for the purposes of understanding size or scale when purchasing land. Research says, in 2030, 65% of world populations will live in urban areas. Bali, especially Denpasar, is no exception. Increased populations and limitations of land, create an un-fair property market that results in high land prices in Bali. The impact is felt most by the young generation (millennials). This millennial generation, also known as generation Y, is a cohort (demographic group) born in the 1980s to 2000. In other words, This millennial generation is currently dominating the labor force. Even with a steady income earned every month, most would think that millennial aim to eventually purchase their own private property, but the reality is actually inversely proportional.

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According to research, the millennial generation is threatened by the ever increasing property hikes and risk not have a home in the next five years. The increase in income for the millennial generation, which on average is only 10% year-on-year, can not keep up with the rise in property prices, which increase by at least 20% year-on-year. IYA (Indonesian Young Architects) will unveil their exhibition called 1 Are House “A Living Space for Bali’s Millennials” from 28 October – 11 November at Uma Seminyak. This is to present ideas and works from young Indonesian architects building on only 1 are with the hope to educate the public that 1 are of land can be maximised and provide comfortable living through design. This exhibition also aims to excite the public about architecture and start a discussion on design and the future rights of generation Y. For more information you can contact +62 811 388 5515 (Andesita Oki), + 62 897 0135 7274 (Widi), or + 61 413 248 287 (Charles).

Uma Seminyak
Jalan Kayu Cendana No. 1, Oberoi, Seminyak

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