Pullman Bali LegianNirwana is presenting an art exhibition titled Interior Journey by a Balinese artist, I Made MahendraMangku. Taking place at the hotel’s lobby and corridors, the exhibition launched on Friday, 13 March 2015 and stays opens for the public until 17 May 2015. For I Made MahendraMangku, the act of painting is an interior journey; from one point of departure on a piece of canvas or paper, Mangku began his journey to the world of lines and colors. There is no destination. He simply goes.

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The so-called destination exists only after he decides to stop – when he comes to a conclusion that the painting in progress has been completed. By means of a painting method based on the principle of “wandering”, Mangku creates images that are not predetermined and do not refer to any fixed origin. The paintings exhibited are available for purchase.

JalanMelasti I, Legian, Kuta
Phone: 0361 762 500

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