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Toni Childs is an Emmy Winner and three-time Grammy nominated recording artist, installation artist and environmental activist with fans in 50 countries around the world. Best known for her list of international hits such as “Don’t Walk Away”, ”Stop Your Fussin”, “House of Hope”, “I’ve Got to go Now”, and the Emmy-winning “Because You’re Beautiful”, to name a few.

Toni has recently released a new album and an unique 3D mapped concert and environmental experience called, “It’s All a Beautiful Noise.”
“It’s All a Beautiful Noise” is an infusion of soaring electric guitars, deep haunting rhythms, a sprinkling of dub step pulses and penetrating lyrics that transport you to a deeper destination that is vast and inspiring.

Presently, Toni is working at a 125 year old papermill outside Melbourne where Toni and team are busy fabricating an all white pop-up set, and nine paper animals for 19 installations; all part of a very unique 3D mapped concert experience.

The Installations
Toni’s life size 3D paper animals are made out of Visy recycled paper and include a rhino, orangutan, hippo, giraffe, great ape, polar bear, prairie dog, elephant and wolf. The 3D paper animals will be grouped together and installed in 19 separate locations on her concert tour route through regional Australia three months prior to her tour. The habitat of each animal will be projected onto each animal as a feature of the installations.

Click here to see images of the mill and learn more about NPI and her live production.

The Concerts
Toni’s concert production will include 3D mapping visuals, and a popup set of the natural world that will feature a forest, an animated campfire to tell story or two by with a life size 2D animal like elephants and giraffes, her two dogs – Sedona and Sara, and her cat – Mouse.

“It’s All a Beautiful Noise” Theme
We are all pollinators! What we buy we grow!
Toni’s evening honors the littlest angels that keep our world alive and thriving – our Pollinators.

Upon entering the theatre, audience members will be given one of six simple white paper hats: a frog, butterfly, bee, dragonfly, bird or ladybug. Each hat is paired with an environmental organization with the caveat that each organization creates five online hero moments that are playful, engaging and get their audience member to send their hat to a designated location where it will become a part of a public art installation. We are presently talking with Green Peace, World Wild Life Fund, Australian Conservation Foundation, EDO, and The Wilderness Society.

Toni says, “Over the last several years, I have been inundated with Facebook posts about the bee collapse several times a week. These posts brought to my attention that our littlest angels, the pollinators, are in trouble and need our help. And it’s not just the bees; the Monarch, the orange-and-black butterfly once a common sighting in backyard gardens in the US, and known for its long migration to overwinter in Mexico is now on the brink of collapse. And if one looks even deeper we learn some species of frogs, birds, bats, dragonflies and ladybugs are equally affected.

My vision is to take “It’s All a Beautiful Noise” to regional areas throughout Australia where the use of neonicotinoids is the highest in the country. If we take a little bit of time to educate ourselves and each other in delightful ways about which products contain the harmful neonicotinoids tied to pollinator collapse, and inspire people to stop buying them, there will be no market for the biotech companies to supply. And we save our littlest angels and ourselves.

“It’s a funny odd impossible thing to try and trace where the desire and inspiration to create a specific thing comes from… whether it’s a piece of music, an invention, a story, a concept, or even a simple white hat. As I write this, I am struggling to remember when ‘The Spark’ hit me to want to give a simple white paper hat/mask to people as they came into our concerts. Now, I am only in touch with the ‘Why’.”

You can hear new music:

Personal Background
The singer’s acclaimed career was brought to a halt when she was diagnosed with the debilitating auto-immune disorder, Graves Disease in 1997. Childs retired to the beautiful island of Kauai for a decade, and early in the process discovered her Grave’s was brought on by Mercury Poisoning from drinking water, allergies she developed to Lauryl Sulfates found in shampoos, toothpaste and household cleaning detergents. A toxic overload had accumulated in her system. Toni’s fight to rebalance her body’s natural system ignited a passion to inspire people to stop buying food and products that contain harmful ingredients.

Childs’ return to music was at the request of Eve Ensler, author of the “Vagina Monologues”. Eve asks Toni to write an anthem that would inspire people to end violence against women and girls for her documentary, “Until the Violence Stops”. The documentary aired on Lifetime Television in January 2004, and “Because You’re Beautiful” goes on to win an Emmy later that year.