Presenting a unique and high-quality spirit distilled on the tropical paradise of Bali, Astidama Distillery (PT. Asti Dama Adhimukti) utilises the power of nature and Bali’s ample landscape to produce a spirit that is beyond ordinary, Manta Rum.


Located in the Tabanan Regency of Bali, Astidama Distillery is set amidst the verdant hills, terraced rice fields and majestic mountains where the tropical landscape is both stunning and fertile. This is where the Bali-based distillery produces Manta Rum. Aiming to boost the reputation of Indonesian-made alcohol, Astidama Distillery uses only the finest quality of ingredients, fresh spring waters from the abundant surroundings, and perfect craftsmanship that utilises modern techniques and technology to ensure high-quality products. These factors are merged to produce a collection of spirits that will help elevate and put Indonesian-produced alcohol on the international radar, whilst also providing local consumers with delicious, affordable and quality spirits.

Rum is a spirit crafted through the fermentation and distillation of sugarcane molasses. Although most rums are produced in Caribbean and American countries, they are also produced in various sugar-producing countries such as Indonesia. The spirit is often associated with the sun-filled tropics, where the waves of sparkling turquoise waters lap against palm-lined beaches. Rum, therefore, finds a fitting home in Bali, Islands of the Gods.

Embracing rum’s tropical background, Manta Rum takes its name from the soaring manta rays that glide through the deep waters that surround Bali. These majestic eagles of the sea ride the ocean currents around Nusa Penida and Bali’s east coast; the perfect symbol for rum that is both smooth but also bold.

However, to find where Manta Rum is produced, one must go upstream from the rivers that open to the sea, into the mountain-ranges of Tabanan where bountiful freshwater springs can be found. This is where Astidama Distillery draws the water of the highest purity before it is processed through a charcoal filtration system, giving Manta its equally velvety texture.

This pristine water is combined with Indonesian-produced sugarcane molasses to create the unique base flavour of Manta’s White Rum, a light, clean and smooth tasting rum. From here, flavours are added to create two flavoursome varieties.

After being aged in oak barrels, the Dark Rum presents a more complex flavour. More full, with subtle notes of fruit or berry come through this rendition. Even more complex are the flavours in Manta’s Spiced Rum, where a medley of Indonesian spices is infused into the molasses, before being barrel-aged as well. The result is a glowing, amber-coloured rum with a delectable spicy yet silky flavourful profile.


These three varieties of rum, all of which are 40% abv, are smooth to drink with bold flavours. The White Rum will no doubt make for an excellent base for classic or tropical cocktails, whilst the Dark Rum and Spiced Rum, with their own unique palate, can even be enjoyed straight or on the rocks.

As an Indonesian-made spirit, Manta Rum provides local consumers and market with a highly affordable choice of spirit that is perfectly balanced in quality and price. Thus, offering great value of money to individual buyers, resellers and retailers.

Manta Rum is available in 700ml size across the three different grades: White Rum, Spiced Rum and Dark Rum. Utilising high-quality ingredients in the distillation process and barrel-ageing, Manta Rum presents tasty and smooth rums that are suitable as a base for cocktail beverages.

NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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