Water is life, we all know that, but many of us don’t know the struggles of those who don’t have access to this basic human right. It’s estimated that 34 million people in Indonesia do not have access to clean drinking water, that is 13% of the total population. This often leads to water related deaths and diseases. 20 000 children below 5 years old die every year from waterborne diseases in Indonesia.That’s why Bali-based social enterprise Social Impakt, founded by Jeroen van Overbeek, has prepared a crowdfunding campaign to finally provide the marginalised people of Bali with life’s most valuable of needs.

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The campaign starts on 5 September 2017 and lasts for 30 days : The goal is to raise €60,000 to finance the purchase of 2000 Nazava© Water Filters to be given to schools, villages and communities in the arid, rural area of East Bali. These filters purify water at the household level; using the Water Filter Candle made of ceramic, silver and activated carbon, it stops micro-organisms, bacteria, cyst, parasites, fungi and other particles collected from tap, well, river and rain water. This means that there is no need to boil or use electricity or even buy bottled water, making it the perfect, environmentally sustainable solution for low income housing to access clean drinking water. Support this crowdfunding campaign to help an estimated 15,000 people in rural Bali; to improve health, income and the local environment.

Go to this link to donate: bit.ly/2hMZ2JI
For more on Social Impakt : www.social-impakt.com

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