Sometimes we just want to freshen up, to feel a little rejuvenated, with a little lift both inside and out. Feeling in need of a little freshening, I decided to head to Cocoon, on Sunset Road and try their ND Yag Laser treatment, which is reputed to do a great job of refining our facial contours. It is a treatment I had tried before, and a slightly different style of treatment to the myriad new laser therapies, which are coming fast and strong onto the market.

Cocoon Ubud

It works from the inside out, from the lower levels of the epidermis, as a doctor in Singapore explained to me once. If our inner epidermis is smooth, it should reflect on the outer layer, and I for one was delighted to finally discover it in Bali. One of the nicest things about the ND Yag is that it is a lot less painful than most other laser remedies. There is no need for numbing cream and the treatment seems to take just ten minutes. After three or four sessions, over a period of a month or two, the skin is resurfaced and you can definitely look rejuvenated.

After a consult with the good doctor, who explained that this treatment is more popular amongst Asians than westerners, I was left feeling a little puzzled, but as I knew about it already, decided to go full steam ahead, with her blessing. Lying comfortably in my purpose built chamber, I just relaxed while the machine worked its magic. And after what seemed like minutes it was all done. The effects build up over a week or two and then it is time for a booster. But perseverance pays off and I shall be back for another treatment soon enough.

To further increase the rejuvenating effect, (or when the after effects of a rambunctious holiday – of too much partying and late nights take their toll), I decided to revitalise my inner being with a vitamin infusion. Still lying in my own little cocoon room, the nurse gave me the infusion. A high dose of Vitamin C (5000mg), is mixed with Vitamins B1, B6 and B12, as well as glutathione. Not only is it a revitalising and anti ageing mix, it is also a perfect hangover cure guaranteed to replenish your cells. The glutathione helps to revitalise the liver, as well as giving the whole bodily system a boost!

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All those vitamins are mixed in a sterile saline solution to dilute it enough for the body to accept it. It needs to be dripped into the body rather than injected, because the dose is so high – 5000 mg of Vitamin C alone.

The drip lasts for about half an hour and is incredibly relaxing. As the vitamins course through the body, all pain and tension dissolve and you tend to verge on the edge of sleep. At the end of the treatment, it is time to rise groggily from the bed, and after some hot ginger tea, the best thing is to return home for a good sleep, only to wake up refreshed and feeling fine. You can almost feel your cells taking in the vitamins and replenishing themselves. As I had just been suffering the after effects of a flu attack, it was the perfect time for an infusion. After all the flu is almost as debilitating as a bad hangover!

These are just two of many treatments available at the Cocoon medical spa, which has a second branch in Ubud for those holidaying in the hills.

A vitamin infusion every month or two is just the thing to keep us in good condition. When we rely on pills, for our supplements, we will find that they are not nearly as effective, as the body can only absorb so many nutrients through the digestive system. When it is infused directly into the blood stream, it is so much more reliable. The effects last for a few weeks at least and help us to live with maximum power. You can check their website to see what other interesting treatments are on offer. There are reasons why they are an award winning concern.

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