Volcom skated into the Berawa scene recently when it opened a shop covering two floors. The brand’s wide collections of boardshorts, casualwear, accessories and more are on display in the Berawa space that measures 177m2, and a whole second floor dedicated to Women’s fashion. In combination with the store’s modern industrial look, the Volcom brand once again shows off its artistic side with carefully hand-designed artworks displayed around the store embracing Balinese culture, styles and iconography. These designs are also reflected onto the brand’s best-selling Bali Inspired tees collection, an exclusive collection that is only available in Bali.

“We are truly proud to open a flagship store in Berawa,” said Volcom Indonesia’s Marketing Manager, Raymond Jansen. “This new store advances our commitment to expanding the brand in Bali. We are thrilled to see how it turned out, from the aesthetics of the store to the products that we offer, hats off to the teams involved in creating this!”

The store is located on the main Berawa strip situated amongst Bali’s trendiest restaurants, café, beach clubs and recreational centres. This is Volcom’s sixth concept store on the island, and its first in partnership with C.V. Busana Agung Retail. Volcom is especially excited to expand its reach in Bali, a growing market for the retailer. 

Volcom Berawa Store

Jalan Pantai Berawa No. 101 A, Canggu
+62  0877 6557 1797

NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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