A pioneer in packaged drinking water, Danone-AQUA, officially launches the first 100% recycled plastic bottles in Indonesia. The goal is to get the public accustomed to the idea of using recyclable products that balances our basic hydration needs whilst still preserving the environment.

Water Company AQUA Introduces 100% Recycled Plastic Bottles to Bali

As an iconic Indonesian brand, AQUA is an advocate for sustainability in the community and the preservation of the environment. This latest venture by Danone-AQUA is in support of the government’s attempt to decrease ocean plastic waste up to 70% by 2025. In 2018, the company launched the #BijakBerplastik commitment which concentrates on the three foundations in response to waste problems in Indonesia.

These three foundations are: increase plastic waste collection; consumer education; and accelerate product innovation.

The company also supports cross-sectoral collaborations to innovate and resolve waste issues in the country. Since 2010, Danone-AQUA has assisted social businesses dedicated to Inclusive Plastic Collection in Indonesia and has worked with waste picker communities and waste banks. Through six waste collection centres, the company has collected 12.000 tons per year for recycling and will expand with additional collection centres to support socially inclusive initiatives to recycle waste into resource. Danone-AQUA has collected more plastic bottle waste than its production in Bali.

Water Company AQUA Introduces 100% Recycled Plastic Bottles to Bali 2

The 100% recycled plastic bottles is a progress in the product innovation foundation of the #BijakBerplastik movement. The new AQUA 100% recycled plastic bottles will, for the time being, be distributed only in Bali and will be available in select supermarkets, hotels, cafes and restaurants beginning in February 2019. These new bottles feature absolutely no extra plastic-wrap for their branding (as per previous designs) and are also 100% re-recyclable.

On top of that, Danone-AQUA and their partners have also launched the Smart Drop Box campaign, where shoppers can recycle their bottles. The company has a 2025 target of having 100 million consumers by expanding special drop-boxes for plastic bottles.

Danone-AQUA’s vision is to raise awareness, educate and change people’s behaviour towards plastic waste, starting with collecting, recycling and cross-sectoral collaborations. The company will continue to be committed to plastic waste solutions by taking proactive actions and to collect more plastic waste than plastic production. By 2025, Danone-AQUA has a goal of using 50% recycled PET materials and becoming 100% recyclable, reusable and compostable.

Water Company AQUA Introduces 100% Recycled Plastic Bottles to Bali 3

For more information on Danone-AQUA please visit www.aqua.co.id

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