With water sources increasingly under threat in Bali, the hospitality industry must find a sustainable and viable solution to meet their needs. Veragon’s air-to-water technology aims to meet that need.

Bali is facing a water crisis. Maybe nobody has told you yet but all around you the traditional sources of clean water are drying up . The wonderful fresh mountain streams that feed the rivers , that flood the fields of rice and crops , that fill the lakes and ponds are drying up as more and more demand takes the water out closer and closer to its source. And underground the vast aquifers that everyone has relied on unseen, underground, are quickly being depleted. Saltwater is also intruding inland into freshwater sources.

Then what? There is desalination (de-salting) which converts the sea water to drinkable water, but for that you need to be close to the sea, and the vast majority of users in Bali will not be close enough. Desalination is also known to cause damage to near shore marine life. One company has an incredibly innovative solution, one that sounds like it’s from the future but is in fact available today, right here in Indonesia. Veragon Hospitality Solutions is able to alleviate the dependence hotels and resorts currently have on seawater and groundwater in Bali.

About Veragon

The most abundant source of fresh water in the world is in the atmosphere.

Veragon are world-class leaders in the deployment of first response ‘Air to Water’ Technology for any requirement, in any environment, in any location in the world. Currently, the company has a proven record of working alongside the world’s most demanding NGOs, helping them to provide fresh water – through their technology – for humanitarian aid.

The technology – Veragon’s Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) – takes humidity from the air and transforms it into a constant flow of clean, pure, mineralised sustainable drinking water. Instantaneously. It is tried and tested at the highest global levels.

Humidity is the only water source required. Once collected, sanitised and mineralised the unit delivers a continuous supply of pure water.

Water vapour is a limitless resource. It is all around us. And as long as there is relative humidity of 10-20%, the Veragon unit will simply and sustainably transform that water vapour into pure mineral water. The system can be operated indefinitely without any impact on global water reserves and has the added advantage of eliminating the use of plastic.

The quality of the pure mineralised water generated by the Veragon V10 meets all the requirements of the principle water certification authorities worldwide, such as the World Health Organization in accordance with the parameters set by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, Rome 2007 and D.L. 2001 n. 31 Italy. NGOs, humanitarian operators, governments and peacekeeping forces worldwide have seen and endorsed the technology. Units have seen global service in UN and NATO Peacekeeping missions as well as with the UN World Food Programme at the International Humanitarian City in Dubai and closer to home in Morotai Island.

Now, with the product being proven not only in harsh environments but also in urban or development environments, Veragon’s technology can used in areas or industries that want to reduce dependency on limited sources – especially as these sources diminish.

In Bali, with water scarcity looming over – or in fact under – the island, the vast demand from the hospitality industry will be difficult to meet in the future. Veragon’s technology is viable, tried and tested solution, and now available in Indonesia.

NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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