NOW! Bali’s 10th anniversary marks an appropriate moment for us to reflect on the past as well as plan for the future. Here we share both a look a back at our roots as well as a glimpse into the exciting plans we have as an integral representatives of the island’s media industry. 

Whats new at NOW! Bali

Our Manifesto

10 years ago, NOW! Bali began with a set of principles. These were principles that we have always stayed true to but kept to ourselves. Now, 10 years on, we share these with our readers and partners in a new document called Our Manifesto as a way for us to restate our missions and visions as a magazine, offline and online:

  1. We represent the Balinese  community and care for their culture, heritage, and way of life above all.
  2. Our first priority is to our readers, the people who rely on us to be accurate, honest, up-to-date and informative.
  3. Our second priority is to our clients, our supporters, the hospitality industry of Bali, the hotels, the restaurants, the parks, the clubs, the retailers, etc.
  4. We prefer culture to lifestyle, care to cash, education to entertainment.
  5. We embrace modern ideas but strive to preserve traditional values.
  6. We admire people who look after their communities more than those who look after themselves.
  7. We encourage travel but promote sustainability.
  8. We acknowledge that heritage and history cannot be replaced.
  9. We strive for ethical employment, respect for our stakeholders and our customers, and encourage responsible behaviour wherever possible.
  10. We think CSR is part of our business not an added extra.
  11. We encourage creativity and innovation but still believe that our traditional skills and process should be continually improved.

Editorial Additions in 2019

Every month in our Real Bali section we feature articles from our expert contributors who share stories on Balinese dance, ceremonies, art, culture and history. This year we are adding 2 sections that will help you discover something new and interesting about the island’s culture:-

Temple Anniversaries is a calendar that features all the dates of temple ‘piodalan’, or anniversaries, in that month. We have done this because piodalans are the best way to witness Balinese ceremonies in full pomp, with traditional dances, rituals, prayers and decorations on show.

Bali Myths shares the myths and legends our editors find across the island. From mystical ways of the Mangku (priest) and Balian (shaman), to the legendary rituals of temples, these stories will have you questioning the reality you think you know!


Our newest development to share our stories with more people on the island is by providing a downloadable version of our printed magazine, available for free on all devices. Whilst our content is accessible through our website, social media and email newsletter, now a QR Code allows you to open and download an e-magazine version of the latest issue.

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NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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