The Balinese, as many of us know, are true artisans by nature. From carving, sculpting, painting and building, the skills that are passed down the generations are valued components of their heritage. It is therefore of no surprise that visual art has become such a core part of the island’s culture.

Visiting Made Wiantas Studio 2

Then again, what do we really know about art in Bali? We see for example the rows of art shops down an Ubud lane, or the paintings on the wall of a museum, but there is so much more to these pieces of art than meets the eye. The history of Balinese art is truly fascinating and well worth learning. One such ‘exceptional’ experience to learn more about art in Bali are the ArtDiscovery Tours by ArtPreciation.

Workshop in Tugu Bali

This full-day tour begins with an informative workshop. Lead by an art historian and expert, we are brought through a historic journey of Indonesian and Balinese art. Did art exist before colonisation? What changes took place through time? What are the influences on the many genres of art we see today in Bali? The workshop answers all of these intriguing questions. With this knowledge, it becomes easier to appreciate a work of art.

The workshop is followed by a wonderful lunch in one of the host hotels, either Tugu Hotel in Canggu, Chedi Club Ubud or Ayung Resort Ubud – all of these hotels are home to numerous private collections of art, which make them the perfect host venue.

Visiting Wiantas Studio

Following lunch is a museum tour where you will be taken to one of the many museums in Bali- but you won’t just be strolling through and admiring the colours and shapes. An art expert will guide you and explain certain pieces to you, helping you to see visually the changes of art through time, emphasizing the points taught in the workshop.

Finally, one of the most exciting parts of the ArtDiscovery tours is a visit to a studio of one of Bali’s most prominent artists. You are given a rare and unique opportunity to not only see the ‘hive’ of these artists, but also to discuss and converse with them about their life and work. Made Wianta, Made Djirna and Mangu Putra are three of the available artists, whose works have been featured around the world.

Visiting Djirnas Studio

ArtDiscovery is not for everyone, they are made for those who wish to really experience and learn about Balinese art. Every step of this journey builds a greater understanding and appreciation for the art found all around us in Bali. What’s more, when the tour is over you will be leaving with the best gift of all, the gift of knowledge!

The ArtDiscovery tours are privately booked, made for 2-8 people. You will be picked up at your hotel and looked after for the whole day. Bookings must be made minimum 48 hours in advance.

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 Text By Edward Speirs

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