With a profound commitment to True Inclusiveness, Australian Supermodel of the Year is an annual beauty pageant-styled modelling competition and learning program based in Melbourne, Australia. Now, they are open to applicants from Indonesia to join the Australian Supermodel of the Year 2023.

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With a tagline of ‘With or without a Crown, You are always a Queen’, the Australian Supermodel of the Year (ASOTY) deeply believes in inclusivity, welcoming people of all colours, sizes, faiths, and different views. With a vision to create a community through a platform that understands, respects and allows a free and fair opportunity for everyone, this competition takes on young aspiring models and guides them to acquire knowledge about the creative, advertising, marketing and commercial facets of the fashion and modelling industry, through coaching sessions and continuous mentoring led by industry experts and thought leaders.

Behind the Competition

The competition takes a holistic approach by covering essential topics including communication, time management, financial discipline, social media mastery, body positivity, self-love, health & diet, resilience, meditation, mindfulness, styling, make-up, collaborations and, of course, photography and runway skills. Additionally, modelling opportunities and possibilities will also be discussed comprehensively during workshops and mentoring sessions.

ASOTY has a fundamental belief that fashion modelling will ultimately evolve from the stage of role-modelling into ethical activism, with women at the forefront of the new world order and be a force in tackling environmental, social, political and economic issues that we face today. In a world where beauty standards have always been particularly prevalent during the course of human history, especially nowadays, they significantly affect daily interaction, the media and the commercial world. Throughout history women have often been seen as just ‘a pretty face’, but they were and are always more than that – the fact is, women have always been the kinder, wiser and braver gender as seen through their kindness, compassion and patience that made them play second fiddle to men throughout most of history.

Australian Supermodel of the Year 2023

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Laina Eady (ASOTY 2020/2021 Winner) & Bella Fernandes (ASOTY 2022 Winner)

The Australian Supermodel of the Year 2023 competition is back in a hybrid format – partly virtual and partly in-person – with a Grand Finale scheduled to be held in Bali in February 2023. ASOTY 2023 is now welcoming Indonesian applicants to join the competition. The 2022 programme was an entirely virtual event due to the pandemic and travel restrictions. This year’s Grand Finale will include an international runway where all finalists will showcase collections from leading Australian and Indonesian designers.

Registration for Indonesian applicants is now open until 21 September 2022.

This year, the competition is divided into four main categories: Runway/Catwalk, Editorial/Fashion, Commercial/Advertising, and Social/Influencer. While sub-categories include Activist (default), Curve, Fitness, Modest, and Petite.

It is mandatory that applicants select one main category to compete in. Applicants are also able to choose a sub-category that suits them best and helps them connect, speak on behalf of, and network with like-minded individuals.

‘Activist’ is the default sub-category for applicants registering for the 2023 competition, unless they choose any of the other sub-categories applicable to them. ASOTY is searching for models who have a great passion for something that they stand for and can speak up on what they believe in.

The Main Categories

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Runway: The Runway category, aka catwalk, is for women who are passionate about strutting down the ramp, and showcasing design creations to an audience. However, each finalist, despite their category will be coached for the runway and have the chance to walk the international fashion show during the Grand Finale.

Editorial: The Editorial category is open to those who love being in front of the camera, and those who love learning the art of fashion and self-expression through stories told by photographers and fashion designers. Brands, designers, publications and creators are always on the hunt for a fresh and unique face.

Commercial: This category is designed for those who are interested in posing and promoting products in marketing campaigns – that is what commercial modelling is essentially all about.

Social: In today’s social media-driven society, everyone seems to be an influencer nowadays. This specific category is for those who aim to be an influence. However, this category will teach participants how to utilise their platform in an effective way and the possibilities of having an impact on communities and corporations towards a better and happier world.

Several of the categories have specific requirements such as age limit and minimum height, however, most categories are open to all. Make sure that you pick the right category according to your interest, passion and strengths. Applicants may still change their chosen category even after they proceed to the Entrant Stage, which is the level after applicants are successful in their auditions.

The audition process is divided into two parts. First, applicants are required to send in a video answering several questions once their application is approved. The questions asked are designed to know more about the applicants as an individual, understand their passion and goals, and make sure they are aligned with ASOTY’s vision of a responsible, meaningful and purposeful world of modelling. Applicants will have two weeks to submit these videos after they received the set of questions. They are also required to submit a short video demonstrating their runway skills. The second part of the audition is a scheduled Zoom call for those who have made it through the first step of the auditions.

The Grand Finale Night

The Grand Finale will comprise five rounds including a denim collection designed by ASOTRY Vision Director & Fashion Director, Kal Kalim; a swimwear and resort wear collection; an activewear and sportswear collection; and collections from Australian and Indonesian designers.

Sustainability Initiative

In 2023, ASOTY will be the pioneering and only beauty pageant to ever feature Sustainable Fashion rounds on the Grand Finale. All finalists will be required to prepare and bring two outfits for the Sustainability rounds: an outfit recycle, repurposed or reused, which can be from an existing wardrobe, such as something passed on from their mother or grandmother, or even from a thrift shop; and second, an outfit from a local designer or start-up from their origin city or country (this is a part of ASOTY’s initiative in supporting local businesses.

Sustainability, sisterhood and supporting local businesses is a huge focus at ASOTY for the last two years. The grand finals this year are going to be more about social work, networking, cultural exchange and the final runway night which is the highlight of the entire program” said Kal Kalim, Vision Director & Fashion Director of ASOTY.

According to Kal, Australian Supermodel of the Year is not about finding ‘a supermodel’, it is about helping every girl out there discover the Supermodel within them.

ASOTY is continuously evolving as we respond to the needs and challenges of the new world. We are looking for girls who believe in something that is good for the planet and human beings, girls who stand up for their beliefs and speak up about what they believe in. ASOTY was probably the first modelling competition to include girls of all sizes, shapes and skin colours, much before diversity and inclusion became buzzwords in the industry. Going further, we are exploring diversity in thinking, beliefs, cultures and goals,” he added.

To enrol in the competition, click here! For more information, please visit www.supermodeloftheyear.com

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