Riding The Waves of Bali

The combination of consistent water temperature, weather and sea swells throughout the year makes surfers from all over the world consider Bali as the holy spot of surfing. Since the 70’s, after Bali was discovered by trailblazing surfers, surfing has gained popularity with bigger reach each year and grown into an institution. It is easy

Education and the Efforts to Grow Bali’s Next Generation

Contrary to popular belief, Bali’s tourism industry which is growing at an unprecedented rate doesn’t always impact people living in rural areas. The myth of the ‘trickle down effect’ strikes again, it seems. Many families in rural areas are caught in the poverty trap with little or even no income to survive – this helps to explain the huge number

Protecting Paradise: Bali’s Environmental Heroes

This island we are living on is full of beautiful discoveries, yet it seems we don’t appreciate it. However, the natural beauty that we love so much is also vulnerable due the island’s poor waste management practices. It is easy to find water ducts clogged with plastic waste throughout the island. Because of poor waste management strategies,

Coastal Communities: Saving Bali’s Beaches One Piece of Plastic at a Time

Bali is facing a waste management crisis. With Indonesia being one of the world’s biggest contributors to ocean plastic, this is a problem. This island has declared a ‘garbage emergency’ after the beaches were inundated with a rising tide of plastic waste. Local communities are working hand-in-hand to keep Bali’s beaches clean. Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia

Start Your Engines: Go Karting in Bali

Build up speed and adrenaline on the smooth asphalt track, keep your foot on the pedal for long clearings and feel the G-drive as you attempt the various turns at exciting speeds! Petrol heads and adrenaline junkies are very familiar with Go-Karts. Being considered as the little brother of track racing, Go-Karts are a track

Kunyit Restaurant Serving Bali on a Plate

From a traditional Balinese appetiser to a chef’s speciality of the eastern Bali flavour, Kunyit Restaurant rekindles the taste of ancient Bali by taking the Balinese cuisine to an elevated level. Situated at the front of The Anvaya Beach Resort, this beautiful lounge setting restaurant serves up a home-style selection with a casual elegance, offering

A Little Help for the Children of Bali

The education system in Bali is not at the best place right now. Despite the fact that tourism is growing it doesn’t change the fact that there still are a huge number of school-age children not attending school. Mostly, it is because of their poor economic background. There is a huge gap between the children

Up, Up and Away: North Bali Escapades

Whilst the southern coast dominates Bali’s tourist scene, it is only a fraction of what this island offers. If you travel up north, towards island’s old capital, Singaraja, you’ll find a different kind of Bali – a Bali that  you and your family will surely love. First stop is the iconic Lovina Beach of the

One Fun Day at Finns Bali: From Bouncing to Bowling

It is without a doubt that this island offers numerous activities to keep children engaged. Ranging from nature visits to water-based fun, video gaming halls to sporting activities, the list is endless, and all dedicated to allowing parents a little breathing space while at the same time giving them a chance to bond with their

Bali On Foot: A Walker’s Wonderland

“Walking is a man’s best medicine”. It is hard to live by that quote with all the advanced transportation options available these days. The possible fact that walking solves many of your health problems, even if presented with shreds of scientific evidence, doesn’t seem enough to persuade us to manage one brisk 10-minute walk a

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