Imagine a bag filled with amazing artisanal and organic products that were not only made in Bali by local producers, but also helps to drive a community-based economy through the pandemic. This is the Bali Bag of Hope.

There have been many positive community and charitable movements that started in 2020, the silver lining from the pandemic which actually emphasised Bali’s already strong community-focused society.

One of the earlier stories was how one village returned to their long-abandoned weaving roots in an effort to find alternative sources of income (Read: How Covid-19 Brought About the Rebirth of a Traditional Weaving Village). This was the beginning of The Togetherness Project, started by Bali residents who have been part of the local Ubud community for many years.

The Togetherness (or Kebersamaan) Project continued down the same track as the weaving village, working with rural communities to start or revive home-based industries. What this does is not only provide work and reduce dependency in difficult times, it also reinvigorates declining industries. This has included working with ikat (weaving), coffee and honey. However, they continue to help provide food and raw materials to communities in need. 

Bali Bag of Hope

One of the Togetherness Project’s innovative fundraising efforts is the Bali Bag of Hope. Through this initiative, all of the products made by local artisans and producers are curated into one wonderful package. The purchase of each Bag of Hope thus supports everyone down the line from artisan, farmers, food producers, workers, drivers, etc.

What’s in each bag? 
• Handwoven bespoke artisan ikat made by the Togetherness Project’s Weaving Circle.
• Beautiful and playful handmade resuable bag made from recycled rice bags, crafted by a special needs Balinese mother.
•  Hand-roasted artisan coffee beans from Munduk, picked, roasted, and selected by a team of men and women of the village (250g).
• Medicinal clove oil from Cempaga
• Medicinal nectar (made by tiny stingless bees) from Tanah Aron, curated and kept by 7 beekeeping families.
• Vegetable seedling placed in a handmade weaved bamboo basket and sourced for the organic farms in Pesalakan.
• Traditional handmade placenta pottery bowl to create a birthing ceremony of anything you are birthing into the world.

There are only 50 bags available at the moment and because they are filled with local products the money is circulated throughout the local communities and stimulating the economy. Proceeds will also be used to buy food packs for very vulnerable communities, delivery drivers for the Togetherness Project, food organisers and cooks.

Each bag costs a total of IDR 850.000 and can be pre-ordered here.

Meet the Makers

For anyone who pre-orders or would like to buy a Bag of Hope is invited to an event at Soulshine Ubud on 21 March 2021 to actually meet the artisans and producers yourself.

During the event, from 11am-4pm, you’ll also meet the Balinese leaders behind these initiatives and driving this project forward to create sustainable economic growth on the island. Learn about their lives, history, and vision for a better tomorrow creating sustainability beyond tourism for Bali. Free entry for all. 

Pre-Order your bags here.

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