From plant-to-pot and region-to-region, every cup of coffee in Bali bears an origin story. These destination cafes across the island will have you savouring Indonesia’s coffee culture, one sip at a time.

Coffee is essential for most. It is a great part of the economy in Indonesia, but also, has become a sociocultural lifestyle that many pride themselves in. Not reserved to metropolitan cities, Bali has stepped up their game in the coffee scene, uniting people through the shared love of a great cup of joe, a laidback atmosphere and often tasty bites to complement. Here we share where to sip on the best coffee in Bali , highlighting the real experts of Bali’s ‘bean scene’.

The Artist

In the cultural capital of Bali, Seniman (meaning ‘artist’ in Bahasa Indonesia) opened a quaint cafe in 2010 that blossomed into one of Indonesia’s leading coffee brands. The maestros behind Seniman Coffee scoured the archipelago for the finest green beans to farm, process, roast, brew, and ultimately showcase local specialty-grade flavours to a worldwide spectacle. They contributed to creating a ripple that defines coffee’s fourth wave, shifting the spotlight from coffee-consuming countries to coffee-growing countries. It’s fair to say they are a household name when it comes to coffee in Bali.

Best Coffee in Bali - Seniman Ubud

The coffee studio, adorned with old-fashioned Indonesian interior and up-cycled tableware, is where the creative and counter-cultural gather for a cup of special brew. Friends, strangers, locals, and expatriates reside by communal tables with rocker chairs serving as a restful commune for the next few hours. For each coffee order, one gets a paddle fitted with a small jar of water, a light bite (jajanan or snack), and your coffee to drink. The barista can serve you everything from espresso-based drinks to siphon coffee.

Adjacent to the cafe, ‘B’ is For Lots of Things is an artisan bakery by day and a cocktail bar by night. It was designed to complete your coffee-drinking experience, offering small hand-crafted bread and pastries made with wild yeast, as well as the ‘usual’ accompaniments to coffee (but better): 44-layer butter croissant, chocolate croissant, custard Danish, senibun (with cardamom, cinnamon, and palm sugar). After the sun goes down, try the Espresso Martini that comes in three options: with cold brew, house blend espresso shot, or decaf espresso shot.

Seniman Coffee Studio

Jalan Sri Wedari No.5, Ubud
+62 361 972085

The Bohemian

There is a little piece of old-school New York in the heart of Ubud, serving a conscious menu and top-shelf coffee, humbly housed in a bohemian bistro-style eatery. This quirky cafe is one of Ubud’s old-timers, who pioneered the raw and organic food movement 12 years ago. Despite its location on the vibrant Hanoman Street, KAFE maintains a casual, homely ambience and attracts a mixed crowd of residents and visitors seeking a laid-back coffee and vegan/vegetarian dining destination.

Best Coffee in Bali - Kafe Ubud

You’ll taste the wonders of locally grown coffee beans, blended and roasted exclusively for the cafe. The coffee connoisseurs here work with local farmers to concoct a blend of high-quality coffee originating in Bali and Toraja to brew the right level of a rich but balanced body. Alongside the classic coffee edits, KAFE goes local with kopi tubruk (traditional Balinese coffee) and international with the Gourmet Roast served in a French press, and Cardamon Kopi touched by spices of India.

Whilst the food menu caters to all diet restrictions, you’ll find that meat is a minority here. It offers the likes of colourful salads, hearty soups and curries, noodle and pasta dishes; and a number of fish and chicken varieties. KAFE’s wholesome foods are sourced from their very own Yogi’s Garden, where they grow vegetables and fruits but also doubles as a yoga retreat and accommodation.


Jalan Hanoman No.44B, Ubud
+62 811 1793 455

The Minimalist

The simple moniker praises the Swedish philosophy of ‘slowing down’ with friends over coffee and food, not unlike a coffee or cake break. Fika’s architectural design mimics the finesse and simplicity of the menu, fortified by a humble climate inviting you to unwind with fantastic coffee.

Best Coffee in Bali - Fika

From the crew that brought us Sisterfields and Bikini, Fika offers an array of modern cafe delights alongside micro-roasted coffee from Sibling Coffee Roasters. Brewing both single origins and blended coffee, you’ll find your classic hot and cold favourites, from long black, flat white, to affogato. Sibling’s house blend hails from Colombia and Brazil, whilst the single origin comes from Belantih in Kintamani. The latter has notes of ripe stone fruits, black tea, with a clean finish. Some highlights from the food menu include the likes of: Truffle Scrambled Eggs, Sardine Two Ways, Rye Blini and Salmon Gravlax, Nordic red rice bowl, as well as international bites, such as Pumpkin Agnolotti, Crusted Tuna Salad, Pea and Prosciutto Gnocchi, Fig Ice Cream Sandwich and fika Full Breakfast. fika presents food from an ‘honest-kitchen’, which means a focus on locally-sourced ingredients, conscious eating, minimising garnishing and keeping dishes sleek and simply presented.

fika in Bali

Jalan Raya Petitenget 77X, Seminyak, Bali
+62 361 8974007

The Nudist

nüde in Canggu embraces a healthy body, healthy mind mantra. As their name suggests, they like their food clean and naked – this can be interpreted as something nice, or maybe something naughty. They leave that up to you. Being in the heart of Canggu, this day-to-night cafe needs to get their coffee right. Their approach to their brew is simple, at nüde “a latte tastes the way a latte should.” Serving a range of customers, you might go in for your morning coffee ritual or perhaps a post-yoga smoothie with a smashed avocado.

Best Coffee in Bali - Nude Canggu

All-in-all, this local neighbourhood go-to believes in ‘no food nasties’ as they call it, but won’t judge if you come for their tasty healthy chicken and salad one day, then their indulgent-yet-wholesome cheeseburger with a beer another day. With both al-fresco and indoor seating options, open and spacious, you’ll be greeted with a friendly face as you sit down for a sip.

nüde Canggu

Jalan Pantai Berawa No.33, Canggu
+62 85238214003

The Vanguard

No doubt that Starbucks has been a trailblazer when it comes to coffee trends. To celebrate coffee’s seed-to-cup journey, the global giants went over and beyond to birth The Starbucks Dewata Coffee Sanctuary, one of Starbucks’ premium ‘Reserve’ outlets. The brand pays tribute to Indonesia’s important role as the fourth largest Arabica coffee growing region in the world and in bringing Starbucks customers the finest coffees, including the single origin Sumatra.

Best Coffee in Bali - Starbucks Reserve Dewata Bali

Starbucks Dewata centralises its attention on coffee, with the interactive services also coffee-centric, steering away from main courses and cocktails, unlike most modern-day cafes. The grand venue on Sunset Road houses two bars: the core bar (one you can find in any other outlets) and the Reserve bar, unique to the Dewata branch. The latter imitates the traditional bar culture, where you can directly interact with the artists behind your cup. Ask for the manual brew and you’ll get a chance to choose seasonal beans, usually from 5 different types. Or, try the Bali Batur coffee, an exclusive brew limited to the Reserve. It has quickly become a must-go location for coffee in Bali.

Not only will you learn the island’s intriguing seed-to-cup adventure, you’ll walk out with fresh knowledge of Indonesia’s rich culture. Scan around the room for symbolic easter eggs — the ‘chandelier’ above the Reserve bar was designed to resemble smoke or heat brewing from fresh cups of coffee; whilst the light and blue uniform they wear represent the beach and sky, which Bali is synonymous with. The wooden mural by the stairs depicts tales of Indonesia’s main coffee origins.

Many flocks to Starbucks Dewata for the coffee and tour experience but also the classes — from coffee and food pairing to the ever so popular latte art. If you have more time on your hands but not enough to take a full trip to Bedugul’s coffee farms, feel free to mix and match the classes, tour, and spend the whole day here for a jam-packed coffee cultural experience.

Starbucks Reserve Dewata

Jalan Sunset Road No.77, Seminyak
+62 361 9343482

The Music Lover

Among Seminyak’s plethora of hangout hotspots, Pison Coffee is an all-time favourite for the island’s caffeine fix. Whilst coffee is the main star here, the space is a buzzing yet cosy destination with the help of its comfort cuisine and live music. Many of Pison favourites include their own twists on coffee-based beverages but also professionally prepared classic cups of joe. Pison brews beans from Indonesia, Kenya, Ethiopia, and more, but highlights their signature house blend Sumatra Bluebatak. The crowd-pleaser Espresso Avocado (a mix of avocado, ice cream, and espresso) is a tempting alternative, their Coffee Creme is also a tasty alternative to your regular brew. You can expect a mouthwatering selection of Asian delights from the menu, such as oxtail fried rice, Thai stir fry pork belly, and Singaporean curry. This place isn’t just about coffee in Bali, it’s about enjoying a good meal alongside it, too.

Best Coffee in Bali - Pison Cafe

Pison never fails to create an alluring ambience, gathering music aficionados of all ages with different genres  of live music several times a week. Their usual roster is Tuesday acoustic nights, jazz performances liven up the cafe every Thursday night, whilst they invite the crowd to rock up on Friday for ‘indie night’ and it’s Saturday Night Live for more music. If you head north, Pison Ubud is their latest branch, serving everything the Seminyak cafe has to offer, with the  added bonus of glittering emerald rice field views – what better way to sip up a coffee in Bali !

Pison Coffee

Jalan Petitenget 8A, Kerobokan Kelod North Kuta
+62 821-44560066

Jalan Hanoman, No.10X, Ubud
+62 813 3774 9328

The Purists

Led by a team of award-winning brewers and champion roasters, Hungry Bird quickly became a Canggu staple for excellent specialty coffee. The cafe began brewing in 2013 as one of the firsts standing among Berawa’s fields of paddy, serving breakfast to hungry surfers. From the humble beginnings armed with a simple secondhand espresso machine, one cook, and a sole purpose to offer the community a piece of morning glory, Hungry Bird grew to become pivotal in Bali’s coffee scene, as a roaster, supplier, and barista trainer. 

Best Coffee in Bali - Hungry Bird Canggu 2

The roastery works with local coffee farms, producing valued green beans whilst ensuring the fair trade system is respected, believing that quality coffee is delivered from the hands of the farmer, the roaster, then the barista. Espresso lovers can find the likes of the bold and balanced Berawa blend or sweet, complex Canggu blend. For filter coffee, try the locally-grown beans from Flores or imported from Ethiopia.

Best Coffee in Bali - Hungry Bird Canggu 2

Hungry Bird also provides clients with high-level barista training, run by star-studded hands to help create the ideal cup for your customers. The courses include coffee knowledge, brewing science, espresso fundamental, and latte art. If you want to stop by for a 1-day crash course, you’ll learn brewing and latte art.

Hungry Bird Coffee Roaster

Jalan Raya Semat, Berawa, Tibubeneng
+62 361 9075646