Starbucks celebrates the journey of coffee from seed-to-cup by opening its largest destination in Southeast Asia –  The Starbucks Dewata Coffee Sanctuary or Starbucks Reserve Bali, one of Starbucks’ premium ‘Reserve’ outlets.  

Starbucks Dewata Coffee Sanctuary Bali Reserve  - Starbucks Reserve Bali

The one-of-a-kind Coffee Sanctuary demonstrates Starbucks Indonesia’s coffee leadership in partnership with licensee PT Sari Coffee Indonesia, building upon 16 years of innovation in design, customer experience and community impact.

Starbucks Reserve Bali pays tribute to the important role that Indonesia, the fourth largest Arabica coffee growing region in the world, plays in bringing Starbucks customers the highest quality coffees, including the popular single-origin coffee from Sumatra. Sumatra coffee has been a staple offering at Starbucks since 1971. 

Designed as a coffee sanctuary, the expansive 20,000 square foot store beautifully highlights local craftsmanship and culture alongside premium coffee in this one-of-a-kind coffee experience, a sort of “origin-centred version” of the Roasteries, igniting all five senses.

Starbucks Dewata Reserve Bali - Starbucks Reserve Bali
Starbucks Dewata Coffee Sanctuary Courtyard – Courtesy of Starbucks

Visitors enter through an Arabica coffee farm; this 1,000 sq. ft. plot will be a working coffee producing farm cherrying during harvest season in the region, typically in the early springtime, and mirrors the size of 90% of all coffee farms in Indonesia. Just one of the features that make Starbucks Reserve Bali stand out from other stores.

Throughout the compound, a whole range of interactive activities centred on coffee provide an educating entertainment for visitors. Visitors are invited to try their hand at coffee bean de-pulping and washing during harvest season, dry and rake green coffee beans.

The store’s locally-inspired design features traditional Balinese craft and Indonesian art, including a 30-foot tall hand-carved wooden mural from Jepara, reaching from the first floor to the roof over the second story. 

Starbucks Reserve Bali

Found over two floors, the expansive Starbucks Dewata Coffee Sanctuary is home to a ‘Coffee Library’ and customers are invited into the first coffee seedling nursery to be located inside of a Starbucks store. Whilst another room displays in a cinema-like format the stories of Starbucks Farmer Support Center in Indonesia. Two synchronized videos guide visitors through the FSC on walls fashioned from the traditional rattan weavings which inspired the Dewata Bali logo. 

Other than its truly remarkable space, visitors can enjoy more than 100 Dewata-exclusive handcrafted beverages, food and merchandise, including the ‘Lavender Latte’.

Starbucks Reserve Bali

Starbucks Dewata Coffee Sanctuary
Jalan Sunset Road No. 77, Kuta
+62 361 9343 482

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