Among a plethora of things to do in Ubud, the wellness capital’s meat-free scene makes it a sought-after dining destination in Bali for the wellness conscious or the curious foodie.

Home to countless spots to eat and drink, Ubud is sprawling with eateries serving plant-based takes on local and international favourites – with some incredibly creative ones. Here are our top picks of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Ubud. 

The Elephant 

This bijou restaurant offers stunning panorama views of the Tjampuhan Ridge and a fully vegetarian menu that’s adjustable to vegan and gluten-free options. The open, airy eatery has established itself as a local favourite for an al-fresco vegetarian dining in Ubud.

They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as a brunch menu that is available every Saturday and Sunday until 5pm. The ambiance here is laid-back and humble, which is evident in their menu.

You can opt for a classic baked beans on toast or a zucchini omelette in the AM; try the spaghetti ‘I can’t believe it’s not’ bolognese for lunch, and if you plan to indulge on your Sunday brunch, have a mimosa or a spiked milkshake.


Kismet turned a quiet corner in Ubud into a stylish stop for vegetarian bites. Kismet is loved not only for their delicious vegetarian skewers but also for its creative space that brings together artists and talented people alike to relax, network, create, shop, dine and coexist.

The restaurant specialises in gourmet vegetarian cuisine and adopts a simple rule: using organic and high-quality ingredients wherever possible. Their Asian-fusion menu is vibrant with injections from global influences, such as the likes of Italian pasta, pad thai noddles, Indian curries, Canadian poutine, and more. Vegan options are also available here.


Moksa Ubud Vegetarian Restaurant baLI 2

The mastermind behind Moksa once told us that eating is the most fundamental freedom a human being possesses. The way they approach food is holistic, relying on the goodness and value it brings to your entire system inside and out. They cater to anyone who shares the same idea. 

You’ll find raw and cooked dishes inspired by local and international fares. From pizza, gado-gado (a favourite Indonesian salad with peanut sauce) to sushi bowls, expect an innovative Moksa twist to each dish. Moksa’s soups, such as the asam laksa or lemongrass coconut curry, also have warranted regulars. Keep your eyes peeled for familiar bites, reinvented. The chef’s special ‘filet mignon’ is one to try.

Moksa proves that a refined dining experience can take form of a vegan restaurant in an Ubud backstreet. The restaurant exudes an ambiance that resembles a zen garden, complete with a permaculture garden where most of their food is sourced from.


Alchemy Bali Vegetarian Restaurants in Bali

Alchemy is the first ever 100% raw vegan restaurant in Ubud and Bali and has been the go-to spot for traditional raw food dining in Ubud town. Their food selection varies from create-your-own smoothie and salad bowls, to pizza, sushi, sandwiches, and a special menu to nurture good health: the medicinal soups. This is also the place for vegan chocolate of your dreams! Swing by for their raw chocolate truffles (from coconut milk to peppermint), as well as raw desserts from cheese to carrot cakes.

Sakti Dining Room

Set amidst a lotus pond by the sacred Ayung River, this vegan restaurant located just outside Ubud is award-winning for its thoughtfully prepared plant-based dishes. The food here is organically sourced from local farmers to achieve a zero kilometre footprint, served to guarantee optimal nutrition. And it’s claimed to be all sugar-free.

You’ll find innovative living food (raw dishes) as well as a combination of heated dishes (cooked). Choose from an array of a la carte delights such as the likes of kale avocado tartare, barley risotto, shiitake burger, coconut panacotta, and more.

Made of giant timber bamboo, the restaurant’s building is architecturally iconic— designed to resemble the shape of Bali’s symbol for food: the banana leaf.

Sayuri Healing Food 

Most Ubud residents and frequent visitors will have dined at this popular vegan restaurant, whose raw desserts are a must-try. The philosophy here is to remind diners that ‘we are what we eat’, to help evoke a desire to re-align ourselves with nature.

The menu offers a plethora of plant-based options, sprinkled with the owner’s Japanese influences. Try the teriyaki tempeh burger or Ocean Love soup packed with nutrients from spirulina, miso, wakame seaweed, but also Western fares such as the popular Gravlax Norwegian-style open sandwich. Save room for dessert – opt for the classic banana split, the double chocolate pie or the triple berry cheesecake.


There’s something wonderfully unique about this Ubud vegan joint. The menu is entirely animal-free but manages to break out of the usual plant-based formula you typically find elsewhere. Instead you’ll enjoy vibrant, internationally-inspired creations. 

Try the Tempe Buffalo wings (with ranch and buffalo sauce) to start with then move on to the mains with the Jackfruit Asada Tacos (complete with pico de Gallo and Mexican rice on the side) or the Hula Burger (topped with grilled pineapple and drizzled in teriyaki sauce), and forget you’re delighting in cruelty-free dishes.

If you’re around for breakfast, the breakfast burrito with scrambled tofu and hash brown is a crowd pleaser or treat yourself to a stack of fluffy blueberry pancakes.

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