Opening their first store on 8 May 2021, Bali-based BOEMI Botanicals presents a range of personal care products that use age-old recipes, centred on nature’s own healing abilities. 

When we think of recipes, often we think of food and drink, or even medicine. A calculated mixture of ingredients which together enrich the flavour of our food, or perhaps have the power to heal and protect our bodies. But why should such recipes be reserved for the things we eat?

In fact, they aren’t. Beauty, youthfulness, health… these are aspirations that have existed through the ages. So historic is this desire in fact, that our ‘ancestors’ have already identified the natural ingredients to help us achieve these goals. These ingredients, these recipes, were held as family secrets at first, then passed down through the generations, before finally being brought to the world as ‘cultural heritage’.

It is these age-old recipes, centred on the pure ingredients from nature, that BOEMI Botanicals uses for their line of personal care products, which the company refer to as ‘skin food’ all made in Bali. It’s all in the name, in fact, as Boemi is derived from ‘bumi’, meaning the Earth; whilst ‘oemi’ is derived from ‘ibu’ or mother. Thus, their name alone presents the values most dear to the company. 


Historically, plants were used to produce solutions that could clean, moisture, cover up and even treat skin and skin conditions. With this, BOEMI Botanicals have created a range of completely natural Shampoo, Body Soap, Condition, Body Oil, Body Butter, Body Scrub and Oil.

Like ancient food recipes, they believe that we can also “feed” our skin with natural ingredients, so that they can benefit directly from nature.

The aromas range from Kesturi, Tanabasa, Aroma Terapi, Senja, and Djamu — others have a unique aroma such as Percik for their Hand Sanitizer.


As part of their vision to empower more women in the community, BOEMI Botanicals is an all-women-employees company, advocating and supporting to make more women the breadwinners of their families, or to be financially independent for a bright future. 


Furthermore, with their Refill and Recycle Program, customers are encouraged to refill empty bottles (or return empty bottles) at the BOEMI store, in an effort to reduce waste and increase the awareness of sustainability and environmental protection on the island.

BOEMI Botanicals can be purchased the online store, or directly at their store. Details below.

BOEMI Botanicals
Jalan Pantai Pererenan 117, Pererenan

NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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