The island of Borneo is on fire. There have been 94,000 fires in the last three months, 40 million people are now breathing in toxic air, many, especially children, are dying from Acute Respiratory Infections with the quality of air between 300 and 3900, when the safe level is 50. Anything in this range is HAZARDOUS to everyone exposed.


As the world’s oldest jungle burns, so do protected species including the orangutans – in certain parts, the orangutan conservation centres have lost touch with large populations of the primates. Approximately 10,000 orangutans have fled further into the jungle away from the fires – and it is feared that they could be burnt along with their habitat.

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On top of this, there is a massive water shortage, fire fighters are poorly equipped and volunteer fire fighters are going to help with nothing more than a bandana and flip flops. This could be the worst man-made disaster of the 21st century.

Every donation will help – whether it is to provide medical help or save an orangutan, money and supplies are needed desperately and all will be put to good use. Help Borneo here.

NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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