On Sunday, 5th of August 2018, Lombok was hit by a second earthquake. This second Lombok Earthquake reached a magnitude of 7 , with its epicentre only 15km from the island’s North Coast. 

Lombok Earthquake
Photo provided by source, rubble in Lombok.

Many, many rural communities have been affected, and according to a trusted source the death toll has reached 350 people with more likely to be counted for in the coming days. Aid has been difficult to come by and as many homes and buildings have been destroyed, people are now living in evacuation centres. However, our source tells us that many people still lack basic necessities of water, toilet facilities, food, baby-related products and more.

Whilst there are many great organisations helping in different ways and areas, we have found one partner on the ground now who is able to assess the situation and provide instantly the resources that are requested for most of all.

We ask for your generosity in helping this partner by donating so that they may be able to provide more as the day’s continue. You can do so by transferring funds to the below details, which is a joint bank account specifically made for this purpose:

Account number: 011-326-1100
Account name: Wedya Julianti or Lucienne Kristi Anhar
Bank: BCA Malang (Bank Central Asia)
Jalan Basuki Rahmat 70-74, Malang, East Java 65111, Indonesia
Tel (0341) 364500

NOW! Bali vouches for the persons named above, whom are business owners and stakeholders to the welfare of Lombok island as well as members of a Bali-based Rotary Club. We will of course endeavour to source more donation destinations, if you know of any organisations directly in the area and are trustworthy, please let us know by emailing nowbali[@]phoenix.co.id .

Thank you for kindness and generosity. 

NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

This article has been written or uploaded by NOW! Bali's in-house editorial team.