From 4 November 2023 to 6 January 2024, Masa Masa Bali is hosting a vibrant exhibition called ‘Dua Bentala, Seiring’. Curated by Galeri Wastraku, a textile and handicraft gallery founded by Mrs. Terry Wijaya Supit, this exhibition highlights how two separate textile cultures converge, showcasing the parallels between Balinese ‘Bebali’ textiles and those found in East Sumba.

After a four-year hiatus from events, this exhibition marks the return of Galeri Wastraku with what is ‘Volume 3’ of their specific exploration of the exquisite textiles from East Sumba. This time, they are juxtaposed against Bali’s ‘Bebali’ cloths, which are strongly laced into the rituals of Balinese Hindus, serving as markers for the cyclical nature of life – from birth, through life, death, and the subsequent rebirth. East Sumba textiles had a different function: they functioned as daily journals, where artisans wove stories, information, expressions, and creativity into a singular piece. 

Dua Bentala, Seiring thus aims to highlight the interesting parallels between cultures: despite being separated by land, religion and culture, both Balinese and East Sumba societies hold certain textiles in high regard. Though differing in functions, both textiles hold philosophy and meaning that are central to local belief systems. The exhibition was done in collaboration with Tjok Istri Ratna C.S., a lecturer and researcher with a focus on fashion design, environmental science, and cultural studies. Due to her efforts, Bebali textiles were recognised as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Indonesia in 2020. 

Explore the beautiful exhibition and learn about the processes, parallels and philosophies of each textile, see these storytelling tapestries in person and immerse yourself in real cultural heritage. 

Masa Masa is a restaurant and cultural space in Ketewel, Gianyar, located in two wooden houses with more than 200 years of age. The exhibition is available daily until 6 January 2024. 

Masa Masa Bali
Jl. Subak Telaga I No.9, Ketewel, Sukawati
IG: @galeriwastraku @masamasabali

Edward Speirs

Edward Speirs

Edward, or Eddy as he prefers to be called, is the Managing Editor of NOW! Bali and host of the NOW! Bali Podcast. He enjoys photography, rural travel and loves that his work introduces him to people from all walks of life.