I feel that I am pretty well acquainted with the popular places in Bali, so you can imagine my shock when a friend asked me if I had visited La Laguna Beach Club – I hadn’t, yet. The thought was stuck in my head for a week, like a thorn in my side, until I finally decided I needed to see it for myself. Getting there seems tricky at first, without any sign from the main road. It’s easy enough however: follow the dirt path towards Berawa Beach after La Finca restaurant. As you drive in, you’ll see in the distance something that looks like a colourful village..

La Laguna 1

My first impression wasn’t so far off; with quirky wooden caravans and wagons dotted around, the beach club really did resemble a tiny nomadic village! Each had been painted in bright colours, and together they created colourful scene like something out of a Gaudí painting, but the surroundings went well with the picturesque beach in the background. Trees and plants grow all over the place adding a deep hue of green to the already vibrant place. It was a dizzying sight!

The actual restaurant and bar was much bigger than what I first thought. Of course, calling it a restaurant in the traditional sense is a bit of a stretch. The place is large and open, with painted windows, superb views of the beach, small tables and cushions thrown over the ground. It’s cosy and comfortable.

Then, I discovered the bridge. I have yet to come across a bridge, especially as nice as this, that leads to the beach. It is, of course, the most photogenic place in La Laguna.

I headed over the bar for a drink, it was just as kitschy and lovely as the rest of the place. Colourful bottles and glasses decorating the table tops and more. A random assortment of chairs in different colours and styles made up the seating arrangements. The food menu is by no means extensive, but the food was delicious. I grabbed a bottle of Corona and began to chat with one of the servers, who informed me that La Laguna is the brainchild of incredibly popular hangouts La Favela and La Plancha.

As I looked around I thought that the designs and arrangements were just random. At first, it seems as if everything was simply put together without any sense of order. But really, there is a beauty in the chaos and disarray. By ignoring fixed patterns and design rules, the whole place became more fun and had more life.

As I walked out of the bar, I was greeted by a pair of geese. It was an adorable sight but then I saw something more beautiful. A few peacocks were lazing about on a tree. One word crossed my mind, ‘Beautiful!’ I cursed myself for not visiting this remarkably unique place before.

When the sun began to set, the lights came on. A flurry of colours lined above our heads and the whole place became even cozier. ‘There is beauty in the chaos.’ Standing there, looking around the eclectic La Laguna Beach Club in the darkening sky, I realized how true it was.


Joannes Rhino

Joannes Rhino

Joannes Rhino is a Editor in NOW! Bali Magazine