At Segaran Dining Terrace, Jumeirah Bali, guests are invited to experience a truly authentic Balinese dining tradition with the launch of the new ‘Megibung Menu’. 

Inspired by the age-old customs of Bali’s indigenous villages, the megibung menu presents both a taste of local flavours as well as a unique way to dine. Served in the comfort of Segaran Dining Terrace, the new sharing set menu is available from 6pm to 11pm everyday, in an opulent venue that looks out over Dreamland Beach.

“Megibung is a traditional Balinese way of dining that symbolises community and solidarity by bringing people together to share the food from one big plate or, more traditionally, off of a big piece of banana leaf,” shares Executive Chef Vincent Leroux. “The word “megibung” comes from the Balinese word gibung, which means “share with each other”, and we wanted to celebrate this spirit of togetherness with this complementary set menu.”

Segaran’s Megibung Menu aims to be as authentic as possible, presenting a throwback to an era when all produce was locally sourced and seasons-informed daily life. 

The shared dining experience includes an impressive variety of Balinese dishes from which guests can choose. Protein-based dishes include specialities like Samsam Kriuk, crispy pork belly cooked in cassava leaf and coated in rich base genep sauce. Seafood and fish options are plentiful and house-made sambals with chilli, kaffir lime leaf, ginger and shrimp paste add depth to such dishes as Sate Languan, fish kebab on lemongrass skewers; fish ball Soup Ikan made from local marlin simmered in Balinese spices and coconut broth; and Tum Ikan – steamed marinated coral fish in banana leaf.

The island’s seasonal produce gets its moment in the sun too with such vegetarian dishes as yellow festival rice and Nasi Sela– aromatic steamed Jatiluwih rice with sweet potato. Desserts are an ode to coconut’s versatility and come in the form of Sumping Waluh cake made of steamed butternut pumpkin and grated coconut wrapped in banana leaf; Klepon pandan rice flour ball with jaggery and steamed desiccated coconut; and rice flour Laklak pancakes served with grated coconut and dusted with palm sugar.

The Megibung set menu at Segaran Dining Terrace is priced at IDR 800.000++ based on two people sharing. Available daily from 6pm to 11pm.

For reservations contact: +62811 3891

Jumeirah Bali
Kawasan Pecatu Indah Resort, Jl. Raya Uluwatu, Pecatu
+62 361 201 5000 

NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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