Introducing a healthier and happier way of living to the Bali market, national cold-pressed juice brand, Re.juve, finally opens its first two outlets on the island.


Founded in 2014,cold-pressed juice brand, Re.juve, has since become one of the top premium juice pioneers in Indonesia. With an ethos “to make people #LiveHappier” through refreshing, healthy and honest food and beverage options, Re.juve has now made its way to Bali with the opening of its first two stores in Seminyak street and Level 21 Mall on 28 July 2019.

What has made Re.juve so popular around the country?

All of their products are 100% fresh, made with high quality, non-concentrated fruits and vegetables; 100% pure, without added water, sugar, artificial sweetener and preservatives; and 100% natural, made from raw ingredients without applying heat and pasteurisation.

“We always wanted to help our consumers make wiser decisions to choose what they will consume for their health and happiness, ” said Richard Anthony, CEO and President Director of Re.juve. Of course, to get the full benefits of fruits and vegetables is to consume them raw. However, it also poses a risk if not properly processed, which is why all of Re.juve’s products are protected with High Pressure Technology (HPP) that prevents recontamination and ensures safer consumption. The technology also guarantees longer shelf life whilst preserving the nutrients without altering the taste and quality of the product.

It is Re.juve’s use of advanced technologies that has ensured that their juices and other drinks tick all the boxes.

The company also aims at being honest and transparent about their products, pushing their #CleanLabel campaign to promote the fact that on every bottle consumers will find exactly all of the ingredients that are found in each recipe. What you see is what you get.

With a rich collection of products including Cold-Pressed Juices (Classic Line, Signature Line, Organic Line), Cold-Pressed Almond Milk, Cold-Pressed Elixirs, Smoothies, and Grab & Go Snacks, Re.juve handles the juicing process carefully at the exceptionally sanitary, true cold-pressed production facility with completely cold chain environment, beginning with the preparation/pre-washing, rinsing, peeling, weighing, pressing, packaging and distribution to each outlets.

“Choosing Bali as Re.juve’s further expansion is because we want to reach more people to help them #LiveHappier and people in Bali already have bigger concern about healthy lifestyle and many of them are also experienced juice drinkers. We hope Re.juve can be a destination for local people and tourists when they are looking for healthy, delicious, honest and transparent products”, Richard added.

Not only aiming to provide healthy products to its consumers, Re.juve also strives for sustainability through its #GOODforEarth campaign. Working together with Waste Bank and Ideas Lab, Re.juve encourages its customers to recycle by returning emptied bottles to their outlets, which will then be recycled into items such as buckets, water dippers, and plastic threads, the latter processed into t-shirts and other items. Re.juve is also substituting plastic straws with environmentally-friendly straws made out of corn starch. Customers are encouraged to bring personal thermal bags or use the cooling packs available at all Re.juve outlets to lessen the use of single-use plastic.

(Seminyak Outlet)
Jl. Raya Seminyak No. 14, Seminyak
+62 818 168 175
(Level 21 Mall Outlet)
Jl. Teuku Umar No. 1, Denpasar
+62 361 257 576

Brian Sjarief

Brian Sjarief

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