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Renowned as one of the leading wellness destinations in Bali, Fivelements Retreat Bali recently partook in the 7th World Wellness Weekend, a worldwide celebration which champions well-being.

During this esteemed event, the wellness haven’s unwavering commitment to inclusive wellness practices has garnered them praise and accolades, leading the retreat to be recognised as a prominent advocate for holistic wellness.

The World Wellness Weekend was created as a global movement to unite diverse venues, highlighting the utmost importance of holistic wellbeing. Behind this global initiative is the visionary Jean-Guy de Gabriac, who emphasises the key role of wellness champions in modern society.

We need champions in this world. We need people with enthusiasm,” Gabriarc emphasised, looking back on the life-changing impact of prioritising well-being amidst societal shifts caused by the challenges of the pandemic.

World Wellness Weekend is an opportunity to say, ‘How can we surprise the guests in a new way? How can we surprise the team? How can we surprise the journalists? How can we surprise the influencers? How can we surprise the bloggers? What can we do differently than what we did last year?’” he added. “And this is why we always have these champions that we honour, those who are the innovators. Those are the ones that try to do things differently, to reinvent.”

Following his recent first-hand experience at Fivelements Retreat Bali, Gabriarc applauded the retreat’s commitment to nurturing inclusivity and providing purposeful activities in line with the mission of promoting wellness for all. He reflected on the significance of a session during the wellness weekend, in which participants were given the motivation to engage in activities including yoga, fitness, body combat, and pool house sessions. He spotlighted the retreat’s dedication to inclusivity, contrasting it with other establishments that mainly focus on self-promotion.

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Commending the retreat’s role as a wellness supporter, Jean-Guy de Gabriarc awarded Fivelements Retreat Bali with a symbolic trophy, recognising its steadfast commitment to inclusive wellness practices and active participation during the World Wellness Weekend.

He also praised the holistic approach of the event, encouraging joy and well-being through engaging and enjoyable activities. He underlined the significance of collective experiences, encouraging individuals to savour the pleasure of shared activities during the weekend.

Participating in the World Wellness Weekend signifies a significant milestone for us. We eagerly anticipate welcoming guests and have meticulously curated four distinct classes – yoga, therapy, meditation, and fitness – led by seasoned instructors,” expressed John T. G. Nielsen, General Manager of Fivelements Retreat Bali and World Wellness Weekend Ambassador.

The retreat’s active involvement accentuates its pivotal role in advancing comprehensive wellness and resonates with the event’s mission of nurturing inclusive well-being for all participants.

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