There are two kinds of academic rigour. The standard kind is measured in the number of hours spent; in the amount of predetermined information memorized and regurgitated. It involves running fast to jump through the hoops put before you. It involves being handed problems and showing you can follow prescribed pathways to solve them. It involves following orders. The message to students is: “Put your head down and slog through it. One day it will pay off.” This is not the rigour that leads to a sustainable world. Children need so much more.

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Green School thinks of rigour in a totally different way. They believe that engagement and effort are key indicators of rigour, but also that what you engage in and how you engage with it are equally important.

The idea is to foster learning that children to identify opportunities on their own. Rigour, yes, but towards creating advanced learners not just ‘rememberers’; advanced creators, not just imitators.

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Children are innate learners, and the key is to build on that strength with them. As partners. Doing real things in the real world. To help them engage rigorously with the world around them so that they gain not only the knowledge they need to thrive in it, but the skills, and the habits, and the attitudes that allow them to use that knowledge for the most meaningful impact possible.

Discover Green School’s definition of rigour and how they are planning a more sustainable future and world through education.

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