Indulge in a fantastic three-night only exclusive menu by Will Meyrick at Hujan Locale and get a taste of South Kalimantan.

From 26-28 April 2019, experience a unique gastronomic experience at Hujan Locale where globetrotting chef Will Meyrick has exclusively crafted a meticulous a la carte menu inspired by his recent trip to South Kalimantan.

Travel, culture, and food is practically inseparable when it comes to the world-travelling chef, Will Meyrick. After exploring various parts of Indonesia, Will recently ventured out to South Kalimantan where he met the Dayak tribespeople and studied their traditional and distinctive way of cooking using bamboo amongst other key techniques. Will went and surveyed the famous floating markets, sought out the best food and traditional recipes from the region to better understand the culture and traditions of the native region.

As with all of his previous special dining events, Will Meyrick is set to present a one-of-a-kind culinary experience with his own personal twist using his masterful skills in the kitchen alongside the cooking techniques he learned from his trip to South Kalimantan.

Experience a night of gastronomic excellence from 26 – 28 April 2019 at Hujan Locale. To RSVP for A Dinner in South Kalimantan please call +62 813 3972 0306 or click this link

Hujan Locale
Jalan Sri Wedari No. 5, Ubud
+62 813 3972 0306

Brian Sjarief

Brian Sjarief

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