Opened in late 2018, SVÁ Indonesian Tapas & Bar is a restaurant and bar located in Berawa that serves authentic Indonesian dishes with a unique twist.

A fairly recent addition to the Berawa neighbourhood, SVÁ Indonesian Tapas & Bar is a three-storey establishment that opened in late December 2018. SVÁ (pronounced ‘swa’) means ‘inner soul’ in Sanskrit and has a similar pronunciation as Shiva, one of the principal deities of Hinduism, whose persona and attributes influence the overall character and ambience of the establishment.  A mere 5-minute walk from the popular Berawa Beach and adjacent to Finns Beach Club, SVÁ welcomes you to an all-day destination that caters to guests from the peep of day well into the wee hours of the night.

The first level is a shared space with Kolektiv Cafe & Bakery where you can get your morning coffee fix and breakfast. SVÁ however, is located on the second and third floors. The second floor brings you to the main dining venue, a spacious restaurant designed with a sleek contemporary style with rustic elements, decorated with dark interiors and furnishings.

The restaurant reinvents Indonesian cuisine and presents a unique concept by serving authentic Indonesian dishes tapas-style. The concept presents an eclectic menu that allows diners to order a variety of dishes that can be enjoyed individually or shared in a group.

The menu itself is classified into three different categories: from the garden, from the land, and from the sea. At SVÁ , they believe that consistency and fresh ingredients is the key to a memorable authentic Indonesian cuisine, and has incorporated the philosophy into their cooking.

One of their signature dishes from the garden is Jukut Urap, which consists of steamed vegetables with hints of spiced coconut dressing that is commonly found in Balinese dishes. The local dish is elevated with a SVÁ twist by enhancing the colours of the ingredients. The signature dish from the land is their Dendeng Balado, which is a thin-sliced dried meat (or Asian beef jerky) covered with chillies. A traditional dish from Padang, Sumatra, the Dendeng Balado is served wrapped in torched lettuce to give it the SVÁ touch. From the sea, two dishes that are a must-try are the Cumi Saos Hitam, squid with squid ink sauce, and the Kerang Cabe Ijo, shellfish with green chillies.

Post-dinner, head on over to the third floor where a bar/lounge awaits you for drinks and late night dancing. Enjoy uninterrupted views of the sunset from the outdoor patio as you sip on the refreshing cocktails served at the bar. The house cocktails have been meticulously crafted with local Indonesian spirits, offering innovative artisanal concoctions and the distinct SVÁ signature. Dance to the diverse beats played on differing days, from House, to Techno, to Disco and R&B, the bar at SVÁ is a place where you can let really let loose.

SVÁ Indonesian Tapas & Bar
Jalan Pantai Berawa, Gang Kedaton No. 5, Berawa
+62 811 3930 118

Brian Sjarief

Brian Sjarief

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