This issue is about love. Why? Because it’s February and we celebrate Valentine’s Day! Most people don’t know that he was a saint, but he was, and he was remembered because of his great love for humanity, even forgiving his jailer when he was falsely imprisoned.

How is your love for humanity? Are you depressed with the current state of the world? Saddened by air crashes and wars, horrified by terrorist attacks, mystified by the boom and bust of economics, and tired by the daily grind? We all are.

It is sometimes hard to get back to reality (whatever that is!) or just a feeling of personal peace when so many disasters stare at us from newspapers, websites, and TV every day.

But you’re in the right place to regain some harmony. The Balinese believe in “Tri HitaKirana”, the balance between Man, God and Nature, and here there is plenty of opportunity to experience this yourself. You don’t need to be religious to understand that the Balinese derive great solace from following their religious ceremonies and prayers.

You don’t need to believe in a creator to immerse yourself in the sheer beauty of the Balinese landscape (and the way the fields themselves blend into nature). Finally, you don’t need to believe in “karma” to understand that we really do get what we deserve in life, give freely and find out for yourself. So, during this month of “love”, start by loving yourself again, and then move on to everyone else

NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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