Though relatively under the radar, Maja Healing is one of the island’s most sought-after practices for holistic healing, knowledge sharing and community building. A tranquil oasis set in the quaint Umalas neighbourhood, this not-for-profit centre has been helping clients improve their overall mental, emotional or physical well-being, or indeed recover from a variety of ailments since it opened in 2018.

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Founded by Kartika Alexandra, Maja Healing began as a space to accommodate her expanding holistic and integrative hypnotherapy practice. With a fast-growing reputation, her practice grew through word of mouth to a waitlist of 4 months as more and more people were drawn to her practice seeking help, knowledge or connection — very often through the recommendation of Kartika’s previous clients.

Today, the centre is recognised for the various effective holistic modalities offered for the body, mind and energy; including bodywork, fascia release, counselling, art therapy, relationship coaching, shadow work therapy, emotion code, energy clearing and reset. Many people come to Bali looking for recovery, guidance, and clarity. What Maja Healing offers is a centre where this is offered professionally and responsibly to achieve these outcomes.

Clients of Maja Healing come to address a wide spectrum of issues.  This can range from somatic, emotional, and psychological issues.

Physical issues include common and abnormal muscular aches and pains, joint stiffness, weight issues, digestive issues, headaches, tension, heart palpitations, trembling, pain – any physical manifestations of psychological stress and trauma on the body, particularly trauma that hasn’t been fully processed or even acknowledged. Other common issues addressed in the hypnotherapy sessions include fears and phobias, smoking, gambling addiction, releasing past traumas (incl. sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, etc.), post-traumatic stress disorder, negative relationship patterns, grief-work (heartbreak, loss, etc), depression, life blocks, unwanted beliefs and negative emotional patterns, and self-esteem issues.

Maja Healing is especially recognised for effectively supporting those who have uncommon issues and those who have been unable to find any relief or progress as they “tried everything without any success.”

Each team member has been personally invited to join Maja Healing by Kartika, as they share a few things in common: they are all real people, who are experts at what they do, work from the heart and are passionate about their calling to support others. Most importantly, they all share Maja’s purpose of helping others experience more joy and happiness. The Maja Healing therapists come from all walks of life & from very different backgrounds – reflective of the clients and individuals they work with. This includes seven hypnotherapists, each of whom has been trained and certified by Holistic Healing Hypnosis, the integrative hypnotherapy approach created by Kartika herself. They offer sessions in four different languages, either in-person in Bali or online via Zoom, enabling them to work with international clients.  

The local Indonesian community remains one of Maja Healing’s top priorities.  With imminent plans to do a pop-up in Jakarta, launch the Holistic Healing Hypnosis certification course in Bahasa Indonesia next year, and create a body-mind-energy reset retreat in Bali, the team is looking forward to an exciting year ahead. Through their Maja Care program, the team offers therapy on a donation basis to Indonesian people who would not otherwise be able to afford it.

Maja Healing offers a 30-minute Online consultation for free, using this coupon code: NOW2022.  You can contact admin at +628133972 2228 (WA) to book yourself a session. For more information on Maja Healing’s services, you can visit

Maja Healing
Jl. Umalas II No.74, Kerobokan, Kuta Utara, Bali
+62 813 3972 2228 | @majahealing  

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