Are you a Motocross fan looking to experience the thrill of exploring the rainforests first hand? Or maybe you just want a try at one of those ‘adrenaline days out’ you have heard of? Well, whichever one fits your needs the best, you don’t get much more fun than an off-the-road experience dirt biking in Bali. 

NOW! Bali team got together with Bali Dirt Bikes and challenged our limits, going full throttle off the normal roads and ventured deep into the unbeaten forest trails of Tabanan.

Dirt Biking in Bali Bali Dirt Bikes


We started our adventure at 9.30 AM and suited up with the safety equipment, including helmet, goggles, boots, gloves, elbow and knee pads, chest protector, top and pants.

A short safety briefing and introduction about the track was given, as well as some basic off-road riding instructions, such as body positioning, standing on the foot pegs, and breaking, cornering, up hill and down hill. Throughout this experience, we were expected to build our confidence gently until we were capable of things we never thought possible at the beginning of the day, such as hill climbs, ruts and loose surfaces. Even if you’re a well-versed motorist, dirt biking in Bali may be a little bit different.

The Dirt Bikes

Ideally, the participants must be able to ride a motorcycle with clutch and gears. But worry not if you are a scooter rider, as a 115cc Yamaha X-Ride Automatic Scooter can be pre-arranged for you.

In terms of the bigger bikes, all NOW! Bali team were on Kawasaki KLX 150, an easy-to-ride bike for beginners. Although the team at Bali Dirt Bikes has other bigger bikes such as, the newest KTM 250 EXC-F Six Days 2020 model, and the KTM 300 EXC TPI SIX DAYS.

Dirt Biking Through Tabanan

Thanks to its dense vegetation and high level of humidity, Tabanan is good to ride all year long. Our dirt biking experience in the Tabanan jungle never stopped presenting views of lush green landscapes.

As we proceed with our dirt biking experience through the jungle trail, the real aspects of Bali unfolded in front of us. While zooming around the trail and adapting to the different riding levels, we took a break and experienced the local customs including the culinary conducts.

The trail went through villages with rice fields, providing us a glimpse of the farming activities in the surrounding areas of the jungle. Friendly people greeted us along the way as we passed by their villages. Thanks to partnerships between Bali Dirt Bikes and the local villages and communities, we are able to ride through areas which usually have restricted access. This special access provided by the local people allowed us to explore tracks that would not be possible with any other tour operator.

Dirt Biking in Bali Bali Dirt Bikes

The Tabanan Jungle trail also offers natural obstacles like rocks, rivers, wooden logs and lush vegetation that make the experience extremely rewarding for all levels of bike riders. It makes for the ultimate experience for dirt biking in Bali.

During the wet season, the jungle provides some degree of challenges to even the advanced bikers due to the muddy and slippery nature of the ground beneath the bikes. But the ultimate joy of exploring rainforests and passing through scenic rice fields will make you forget these natural obstacles. This section of the track also allows you to stop at the UNESCO world heritage rice fields of Jatiluwih.

The Tabanan Jungle trail offers packages that start with half a day to two full days. Half day trips are perfect, as it is enough time for you to get to know the bike and appreciate the trail experience. The one or two day activity involves more intense travel through the trails in the rainforest of Tabanan. Local guides and motor trail experts help everyone on the dirt biking expedition to gain sufficient knowledge to discover the lush green interiors of the rainforests. Each of the packages comes with the option of a local culinary experience during lunch time, which is perfectly setup amidst scenic surroundings.

Dirt Biking in Bali Bali Dirt Bikes

Presenting a break to explore the natural wonders in a better and fun way, dirt biking stimulates an opportunity to engage yourself in an adventure that is both sensational and captivating. While you meet and interact with friendly locals, the jungle trail presents challenging natural terrains. From the scenic beauty on offer, the easy to extreme trails, the hospitality of the villagers, and the professionals tour operator, Bali Dirt Bikes have it all covered!

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Joannes Rhino

Joannes Rhino

Joannes Rhino is a Editor in NOW! Bali Magazine