In April, to celebrate its first year anniversary and to align with the mission from Préférence Hotels to be culturally driven, Maison Aurelia Sanur proudly launched a book about art and cultural history of Bali; “Sanur, Gateway to Inspiration”. The book centres on Bali’s rich history of foreign artists coming to the island to find inspiration and changing the face of Bali’s artistic culture in their wake. Prefaced by an introduction by author and NOW! Bali contributor Dr. Jean Couteau, he explains the chronology of the foreign artists arriving to Bali and the unique factors that led to their arrival. Following this is a beautiful spread of hand-picked foreign artists, their stories and their work, as well as insight into Bali’s top museums where this work and other works of art can be viewed and enjoyed. The book’s title serves as an interesting reminder that in the past it was the port in Sanur in which many people landed in Bali. Hence Sanur was this gateway to island inspiration.

NB News - Book Launching Maison Aurelia

The launching event included a special panel discussion with Jean Couteau, Alistair Speirs, from the book’s publishing company Phoenix Communications, as well Agung Rai, the founder of Agung Rai Museum of Art. It featured pantings by Jean Couteau’s mother, Genevieve Couteau.

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