Under the helm of Executive Sous Chef Bayu Retno Timur, Sawah Terrace, the all-day dining at Mandapa, has launched a new culinary experience that focuses on the rich flavours of Indonesia. The new menu is inspired by the distinctive flavours from across the archipelago, representing the traditional cuisine from Sumatra (slow-cooked beef cheek rendang curry), Java (grilled satays and braised oxtail soup or ‘Sop Buntut’), Sulawesi (Manado spicy basil red snapper or ‘Ikan Kakap Woku’), and Bali (braised duck in Balinese spices or ‘Bebek Betutu’, and traditional Balinese style roasted pork or‘Babi Guling’), amongst others. 

Beyond just the menu, Sawah Terrace will complement this traditional dishes with real, ‘back to the roots’ experiences, introducing dining customs inspired by the region. For example, knives are not required in Balinese and Indonesian eating, as generally they eat on a flat dish using only a fork and spoon. A hand washing ritual, locally known as ‘kobokan’, is also offered on the table before every meal. The ‘kobokan’ bowl will consist of water for rinsing as well as lime, pandan and kafir lime leaves as natural sanitiser – a common sighting in local eateries.

Before the starters and main course, a stone bowl of fresh mix vegetables with spicy ‘Sambal’ paste for the dipping, also known as ‘Lalapan’, with sides of dried anchovies and ‘Kerupuk’or Indonesian crackers are served. The fermented rice ‘Tape Uli’ and ‘Es Dawet Nangka and Cendol’ from the dessert menu are also adapted from two of Indonesian desserts but are elevated and served with a scoop of ice cream and exotic soup.

Sawah Terrace
Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, Jalan Kedewatan, Banjar Kedewatan, Ubud
+62 361 4792 777

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NOW Bali Editorial Team

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