An annual exhibition by a group of local Balinese artists under the collective known as Sen.Sa.Si is currently on-going from 17 December to 15 January 2023,  held within the ballroom of the famous Blanco Renaissance Museum in Ubud. Open to the public, the exhibition is a platform for local Bali-based artists, and the closing event welcomes all to an evening of art, music and community.

Sen.Sa.Si is a double entendre, meaning ‘sensation’, but also short for ‘Seni Sana Sini’, or Art, Here and There. It is an artist collective initiated by Ubud-based artist Geed Saputra (Art Geed Art, AGA) and artist Agus Nantika. The collective’s debut exhibition was in December 2021 and they have returned once again to showcase a rich variety of artistic works from the local artist community in Bali.

This year, the exhibition takes the theme of ‘Dari Masa ke Masa’, meaning ‘From Time to Time’, which presents a journey of art through time with traditional and modern art on display. To have this combination under one roof aims to remove the dividing line between these different styles and present a holistic representation of what art exists on the island, regardless of its genre. The exhibition features the work of 42 different artists and includes both paintings and installations.

The exhibition opening on 17 December was a lively affair, opened by Mario Blanco, son of the founding maestro Antonio Blanco, who as an artist himself has taken the reigns of his father’s legacy and one-of-a-kind museum.

The exhibition is open for more than a month, during which the public can come and witness the eclectic variety of art, including one of the highlight installations, a Barong made of Organic Recyclable materials, by Segitiga Sama Kaki Art. 

The Closing Event, open to the public, should not be missed! It takes place on Sunday, 15 January 2022 and will feature a whole host of activities and entertainment. Expect family art classes, face painting, ‘flash tattoo’, live mural painting, music, dancers and a food bazaar featuring local, small and medium enterprises.

The Blanco Renaissance Museum in Ubud makes for an apt venue for Sen.Sa.Si, being the home-meets-gallery of the late maestro Antonio Blanco. The legacy for art continues as the renowned museum hosts this event for established and up-and-coming artists.

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Edward Speirs

Edward Speirs

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