Seven is a very special year in many cultures and this month the Spa team of NOW! Bali are celebrating seven years of spa features. Unique spas treatments are part of what makes Bali Spas so special be that the location, the treatment, the ingredients or the ambience. We are proud to introduce you to our unique seven.


Seven is a very special year in many cultures and this month the Spa team of NOW! Bali are celebrating seven years of spa features. Unique spas treatments are part of what makes Bali Spas so special be that the location, the treatment, the ingredients or the ambience. We are proud to introduce you to our unique seven.




With their intense and thorough training that includes knowledge of physiology and dancing, the therapists at Jari Menari are expert body workers who move with rhythm and grace to bring physical healing to the body. The development of different treatments unique to Jari Menari, which means “dancing fingers,” has created a dedicated following of customers worldwide and the Jari Menari ‘method’ has spread across the world. Jari Menari has a simple concept; consistent delivery of the best massages on the planet. Massage with movement incorporates yoga style stretching and is brilliant for releasing back tension, the Four Hands is a rhythmic massage with four hands in harmony on the body and feels sensational, we always recommend this to people new to massage as it really is exceptional, and of course, there is the Jari Menari signature massage, stretching, rocking, palm pressure in all the right places. Jari Menari even has a training center where you can learn how to give almost as good as you get.




One of the most extraordinary treatments on the island takes place at the Alila Soori in their golden hued spa rooms. The Tibetan Healing ritual is delivered in low lit deeply restful rooms where the sound of the bowls resonate through the body to bring a vibrational balancing and healing that aligns energies. It induces a restful bliss that is hard for even seasoned spa writers to describe. Dreamlike the treatment takes place on so many levels, awakening energies here, releasing others there, it is as mystical as it sounds, it brings peace and is so very replenishing.




Visiting the Ayana Resort’s Spa on the Rocks is, in itself, quite a therapy, stepping over the crashing surf by way of the wooden bridges can feel like a pathway to discovery. Once inside the treatment rooms you are in a world that is dedicated to your own wellbeing, it is a delicious feeling of being quite removed from anywhere. The treatments are luxurious, using precious jade stones, crushed pearls and diamond dusts, black rice and volcanic lava stones. At Spa on the Rocks the sense of oneness with the potential power of nature is empowering and healing, all you need to do is relax, receive and breathe in the fresh ocean air.




The lovely GLO Salons have been taking care of our beauty needs for over ten years now. Their highly trained staff and precision applications keep their clients in top condition and have provided them with expert tanning when they haven’t had time for the beach, give them incredible facials that revive after a busy week and excellent depilatory services that keep their skin as smooth as silk and all from within their contemporary boutique salons. Glo’s hair stylists are famed for their talents, with gorgeous wedding party work, bridal make up and color skills. Glo is the one stop shop and the perfect place to step out of at the beginning and end of an island vacation when you want to look as good or even better than you feel.




One of the latest innovators on the island, the Vietura Aesthetic Lifestyle Spa at the Sofitel, Nusa Dua offers non-invasive treatments that enhance natural beauty and support the changing suppleness of the skin as it ages. Their treatments are delivered in beautiful surrounds and the service is highly professional and reassuring. Their “staycation” concept is great, and because of the non-invasive nature of their treatments you really can return looking well rested from your holiday. The most efficient treatment though is the fantastic facial that uses a carbon dioxide mask followed by an oxygen blast. It gives an immediate and long lasting boost to overall tone and smoothness of the skin and can be a first step into a world of aesthetics, the world of Vietura, where they support you to stay looking naturally beautiful.



We love the twenty-four hour policy of the AWAY Spa at the W and while never had the ability to actually try a three am spa know those who adjust to jet lag by working out in the gym, or chill out after a party night at the CHILL oxygen bar before taking their detox treatments. AWAY Spa has a glamour vibe that fits with the W experience of engaging interiors, elegant service and exotic treats. A personal favorite is the “Perfect Fit”a cross between a workout and a massage that uses crushed salt and seaweed to exfoliate the skin and bamboo rollers to promote circulation. It’s a great way to feel fit and it inspires you to make more time for taking care of your entire self.




In terms of unique treatments, the Four Seasons Jimbaran Spa’s Ocean Opulence treatment is the best. Enjoy a combination of massages and scrubs that use the purest of ocean-derived and natural plant ingredients, bringing clarity to the mind and the body. Set in a small pavilion on the edge of the river that runs down to the ocean, the treatment takes place under a cloud of billowing curtains with a view of the ocean. Embraced by the surrounds of nature’s power and beauty, the ease and speed of relaxation creates an immediate ‘opening’ for the exquisite ingredients of sandalwood, star anise and vetiver to infuse the mind with positivity. The blue sea salt exfoliation and the warmed seashell massage soothe the body while the magnificence of the view soothes the soul.

NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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