Since the surge of the Delta variant in 2021, Bluebird Group launched the Goldenbird Special Care Service in June 2021 to provide special services to assist people to get quick and appropriate treatment amidst mobility restrictions due to the shortage of ambulances available.

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When Covid-19 cases once again rise, like they have done with the Omicron variant, Goldenbird Special Care services once again become the mainstay choice of emergency mobility as PPKM Level 3 restrictions are once again re-implemented.

Since its launch in 202, this service has received a positive response from people who require immediate mobility services, where they provide repatriation and mobility programmes to and from the location where COVID-19 tests and treatments are carried out.

Since the emergence of the Omicron variant, the service’s average order up to mid-February 2022 increased tenfold from the average number of orders at the end of December 2021. The special service implements strict health protocols and guidelines for its drivers and fleets to guarantee complete sterilisation when providing the services. Importantly, the fleets used are specially prepared and are different from the fleets used to serve regular orders.

All drivers at the frontline have been vaccinated, they are outfitted with protection through ‘Personal Protective Equipment’ (PPE) such as hazmat suits, masks, and face shields. Additionally, the operating fleet is equipped with a special ‘standard operational procedure’, namely thorough sterilisation using a disinfectant liquid before heading to the location and returning to the pool. The vehicle air conditioner is equipped with a HEPA filter that functions to filter out particles, germs, and viruses in the air and fleet windows are partially opened to ensure smooth air circulation and keep the vehicle in a sterile condition at all times.

In addition, Bluebird’s regular taxi fleets are also operating normally to become a mobility solution amidst the restrictions. They have re-evaluated their implementation of health protocols in their fleets and operational systems since the end of 2021, including installation of the Sharp Car Air Purifier, the embedding of CHSE certification starting from the Bali and Lombok areas, and the implementation of booster vaccinations in several areas.

Since the start of the pandemic, PT Blue Bird Tbk has been actively involved in assisting the government in dealing with the pandemic. Various efforts and steps have been implemented, including ensuring the implementation of health protocols for drivers, employees and fleets, vaccinating up to 100% of all drivers and employees in all operational areas, innovating services that make it easier for the community, to implementing a booster vaccination programme that has begun to be implemented for all drivers and employees in Bali and Lombok, and will continue in other cities and operational areas.

To book the Goldenbird Special Care Service in the Bali area, please contact directly to the call centre +62361 701111 or via Whatsapp at +6281994999123

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NOW Bali Editorial Team

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