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Far from the roster of standard morning fares that aren’t whetting most food-discerning appetites, the Big Easy Brunch at MozaicBeachclub is just as creative, dynamic, and lucrative as their evening service. And now that more of the island’s biggest, most sought-after jazz musicians are lining up to serenade the feast, Sundays at MozaicBeachclub become even more scrumptious.

The thing about the Big Easy Brunch is that the chefs at MozaicBeachclub take the brunch offerings to a new level, with sophisticated preparations, presentations, and high-quality ingredients. That’s right, everything is cooked fresh to order – not just laid out on some buffet display for you to pick at.

The brunch menu here breathes elegance with an inviting list of western dishes, which have been influenced by local Balinese flavours and ingredients. The Chef’s Set Brunch Menu, with its carefully chosen dishes designed for the whole table, is an easy choice for many. Whilst for those looking for a more modest feed, an a la carte menu is also made available; in this hunger-inducing menu MozaicBeachclub has created, the most popular choice is the 1.5kg Cote De Boeuf, a lavish dish made for 2-4 to share.

As a dining institution, the team at Mozaic have been known to take their food seriously. And through their Big Easy Brunch, patrons can learn that they are also committed to presenting the very best in local jazz. Big names such as Rio Sidik and Jim Larkin along with some of Bali’s other best jazz musicians deliver impeccable live performances during the brunch at MozaicBeachclub. Now this is one of a kind on the island.

The Big Easy Brunch takes place every Sunday from 11am to 4pm; but why not indulge a little further by enjoying some of their unique cocktail concoctions as well and make the most of your weekend? One thing for sure is that, for a hot Sunday afternoon, this is a cool place to be. We’d trade our office chairs for one of MozaicBeachclub’s lounge chairs any day of the week!

JalanPantaiBatuBelig, Seminyak
Phone: 473 5796

NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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