Frits Henskes is Bailli of the Ubud chapter of the international gourmet society known as La Chaine des Rotisseurs. Frits is also the General Manager of the Ayung Resort. The following is a little background about him, which I am sure you will find interesting.

Born in Jakarta of an Indonesian mother and Dutch father, Frits in many ways symbolises the charm and eloquence of the Batavia of yesteryear. Then it was a simpler time with strong traditional values, and Frits understands and practices these true Indonesian hospitalities.

Frits knew from an early age he wanted to be a great hotelier. He began his career at age 14 humbly as a dishwasher working in restaurants and hotels in Jakarta. He discovered hotels were his passion and he quickly rose through the ranks until he reached the position of general manager where he found that his skills and passion were recognised and he was suddenly much in demand.

Stints with renowned hotel groups have taken him around the globe including exotic locations such as the Cayman Islands, Miami, Bermuda, Latin America, Sri Lanka and the Middle East. Even after decades with multinational hotel companies, he confides that his current vocation with the Ayung Resort in Ubud is his favourite!

As befitting any grand hotel, the Ayung has a general manager of distinction to complement the vision of the hotel. Frits has hospitality coursing through his veins, and he still burns with a fiery passion to deliver the ultimate experience to his guests. Service is ‘king’ in his kingdom, and his hands-on training shows as his 196 staff glide around the resort almost invisible to the guests, yet magically appearing when they are required.

Accordingly, it was a logical decision for Frits to lead the Bailliage of Ubud and represent Bali to deliver exquisite events for discerning Chaine members. Chaine des Rotisseurs is an exclusive international gourmet society whose members are devoted to the art of fine dining and camaraderie of the table. This society unites professionals and gastronomes in a private, not for profit setting dedicated to raising the standards of culinary arts.

The Chaine supports young chefs and young sommelier by holding annual worldwide competitions. The Chaine also has a charitable arm providing food, support and aid to those in need. Accordingly, the Chaine provides its members with experiences beyond the sharing of fine food, wine and services.

The Chaine also honours chefs, restaurateurs, sommeliers and service personnel, and encourages the development of skills and ‘know-how’ of young chefs and sommeliers worldwide.

For those interested in becoming members of this exciting worldwide organisation please make your initial inquiry to

NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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