On 27 September 2021, the BHA Sustainable Food Festival was launched across Bali, taking place at 30 hotels. A program launched by the Bali Hotels Association (BHA), the festival is aimed at showcasing the innovative work participating hotels have been putting in to create a more sustainable way of operating. The festival, which takes place 27 September – 16 October 2021, invites anyone in Bali to savour the sustainable food experiences presented.

While programs such as single use plastic reduction are already well established, participating member hotels are preparing both a two-course lunch menu priced at maximum IDR 200.000 per person net, and a three-course dinner menu at maximum IDR 350.000 per person net.

To be featured, menus must adhere to the following key sustainability criteria:

  • Ingredients used must be 100% sourced from Indonesia
  • Encourage a minimum of 75% organically grown items
  • Respect fair trade principles, i.e. fully female run enterprises
  • All seafood produces to be certified sustainable and poultry to be free range

The festival also aims at reducing waste output to as close to zero as possible, by encouraging waste reduction activities such as composting and waste separation to facilitate recycling. These initiatives are intended to set a benchmark for the future, by being implemented across all operational areas beyond the festival period. 

Participating hotels are encouraged to organise special events and workshops around the sustainability theme. Sustainable food planning includes food and beverage produce that is ethically produced, processed, distributed and disposed of in ways that contribute to support local economies and livelihoods.

Where relevant certifications may not be available, BHA recommended adopting collective fair-trade practices; a third-party verified system providing better prices, improved working conditions, and fair remuneration terms for local farmers. On the environmental side, the focus in on protecting the biodiversity of both plants and animals and the welfare of farmed and wild species with organically grown produces that preserves natural resources and provides added social benefits such as educational development opportunities for the next generation.

“It is truly encouraging to see our member hotels signing up to share the best practices they have had in place for some time.  Our sector is going to recover and restart in a new, more sustainable manner and we are hopeful that these types of initiatives are able to raise public awareness and showcase what actions have been taken to adapt and progress during these challenging times,” says Jean Helière, Chairman BHA. 

“We are thrilled to see a strong participation from our members, excited to showcase the best of what Bali has to offer.  Many suppliers have taken their quality and sustainability promise to the next level and we invite guests to come, enjoy and discover the new taste of Bali during the festival period,” says Kevin Girard, Environment Director BHA.

The festival opens on 27 September to mark World Tourism Day, aligned with this year’s theme of “Tourism for Inclusive Growth”. World Tourism Day is a global observance day fostering awareness of tourism’s social, cultural, political and economic value and the contribution that the sector can make towards reaching Sustainable Development Goals.

The festival will close on 16 October in conjunction with World Food Day, marking the collective efforts taken to reduce hunger and ensure healthy fare for all.“Watch for further actions planned by each hotel to mark this special day.” says Kevin Girard.

The festival is open to all customers – you do not need to be a hotel guest to enjoy the festival. A list of participating hotels is found below, but you can view the menu of each hotel (listed by area) in on the Bali Hotels Association website.

The following is the list of participating hotels:


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