As we enter a new decade, you need to be feeling good inside and out. Whilst many focus on a new look for the new year, we’re suggesting that your 2020 shopping needs should be centred around feeling fresh from head to toe.

Fresh Faced

Did you know the environment can visibly age your skin? Sitting in the sun or in traffic on the back of a motorbike may expose you to free radicals that damage the skin, but worry not, this product regenerates skin under the stress of pollution.

Sensatia Botanicals have been producing pure and natural solutions to every day skincare troubles since the year 2000. This time, they are bringing sustainably eco-harvested giant kelp into the mix, providing marine nutrients to increase skin regeneration and hydration.

The ‘Seastem Marine Essence’ is designed as a hydrating layer to prime the skin, complemented with plant-derived niacinamide formula to minimise pores and even out skin tone, too! Liquorice adds UV-blocking enzymes that help the skin avoid darkening after sun exposure and protects the skin from future damage. It makes a great addition to your skincare regimen to boost a healthy, younger looking complexion. Start your new year with a fresh face!

Sensatia Botanicals

Healing Nature

Caring for your health and well-being from within can give you results that naturally shine outwards. If the festive holidays have had you neglecting a balanced diet, kickstarting with herbal tea works wonders inside and out. Rosella flower has a fragrant cranberry-like flavour and has been used traditionally in Bali as a mild medicine. Rich in vitamin C and free of caffeine, Rosella tea contains minerals that can prevent hypertension, lower blood pressure, reduce blood sugar levels, and keep your liver healthy. In addition, it makes a delicious herbal remedy to combat cold and flu, menstrual cramps, and proven to provide nutritions that inhibit the growth of cancer cells. The laxative properties can also help you on your weight loss as a natural detox!

In the remote area of Muntigunung, there’s an army of local families producing a range of Rosella products, among other healthy whole foods, using the finest ingredients and sustainable farming practices. The raw material is manually processed and gently dried, hand to hand to achieve high quality products. You can purchase and enjoy their premium quality Rosella tea and sweets online or at distribution stores throughout Bali, and contribute to the lives of families in Bali’s most impoverished villages.


Salt of The Earth

“Floating” in sensory deprivation tanks has been a sought-after natural therapy for some time now. It is a dark, soundproof tank that is filled with salt water to ‘sedate’ the body from all outside stimulation, including sight and sound, helping the brain to enter a complete state of stillness. Epsom salt, used in these tanks, contains magnesium and helps get rid of toxins responsible for exacerbating inflammation whilst reducing stiffness, pain, and any swelling in the body. Other benefits include muscular recovery, improving skin and hair care, elevating mood through serotonin production and increasing energy. 

Packaged Epsom salt can be found in most wellness and floatation centres, such as Terapung Float Club in Seminyak, for you to take home the experience. Indonesia’s premier floatation centre, Terapung, uses 650kgs Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) that is available to purchase on-site, in their custom made open top float tanks larger than those found commercially, making it easier for you to spread out and truly enjoy their experience. You can recreate at least the benefits of Epsom salts at home by using one or two cups of the salt and a tablespoon of olive oil or essential oils in a standard-size bathtub, then soak to your heart’s content! Terapung Float Club sells packaged Epsom salt in their welcome lobby.

Terapung Float Club

Bali Balance

With your face, body, and spirit taken care off, now it’s time to get the essentials for the space around you! Scented candles and room diffusers can add warmth and heavenly aromas to your home, helping you to have a calm and soothing atmosphere.

Made with all natural products using superior Balinese plants, Bali Balance offers products that are cruelty, paraben, and chemical free. Their Coconut Wax Magnolia scented candles are 100% naturally derived from soy and made with pure essential oils, meaning they are eco-friendly, have an extended burning time, and leaves no black petroleum smoke or soot. Soy wax candles are known to be safer for the environment and your health, as paraffin wax candles were found to give off harmful fumes linked to cancer and asthma. Alternatively, their Love Potion natural room diffuser mixes essentials oils that freshen and uplift the air whilst the classic style adds chic to any room.

Bali Balance